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How To Remove Tub Drain Delta Faucet

How do I remove my Delta tub drain stopper for cleaning? There are two types of tub drain stoppers – lift & turn and toe tap. Lift and Turn The lift & turn stopper for the bathtub unscrews counterclockwise while in the full up position. Toe Tap The toe tap stopper also unscrews counterclockwise while in the full up position. However, the cap may unscrew from the plunger assembly before the entire stopper comes out. In that case, there is a nut that will be Continue reading →

CNN Money Features eFaucets For Online Remodeling

IN THE NEWS Remodeling your home? Get online By Josh Garskof  August 27, 2010: 11:50 AM ET (Money Magazine) — Home improvement is one of the fastest-growing segments of e-commerce. But the consequences of a bad decision when it comes to finding a contractor or remodeling products online are far worse than buying the wrong paperback. What if those rave reviews you read about a contractor are ringers posted by his daughter — or if your supposedly in-stock sink order doesn’t ship for two weeks, Continue reading →

Save Cash With High Efficiency Toilets

The bathroom toilet is one of the largest water wasters in your home. Want to Improve toilet performance and not flush your hard earned cash down the toilet? If your home had its toilets installed more than 10 years ago, you may be flushing your money and conservation down the drain. Replacing an old toilet could automatically and permanently cut your home water consumption by 25% or more. Newer technology not only saves water, but can actually improve performance and work quietly. Toilets that flush Continue reading →

6 Reasons to Use Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless Steel Sinks were once a mundane kitchen necessity for washing dishes and food preparation. Kitchen sinks have now evolved and manufactures are now turning kitchen sinks into attention getting features and packing them with lots of innovative added function. Now they have more shapes, styles, and functions than ever before. Shining stainless steel mounted beneath stunning granite is now the designer trend to make your kitchen shine.  A decade ago, Stainless Steel was deemed too commercial for upscale kitchens. Now stainless steel and professional is uquated to luxury and more beautiful than ever. “A well-made stainless Continue reading →

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Sink

The kitchen is the undisputed center of the modern home. Today, it’s where people gather to create a meal, share a story, and reconnect. A kitchen sink is a great reflection of your personal style in your new kitchen. Learn from our tips below to select the style that is right for you. Your Kitchen Style Is your kitchen traditional, contemporary, transitional or rustic? Before making a selection, determine the shape, size, design and features you want that will best suit your everyday needs and Continue reading →