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How to shop for: kitchen sink

So you’re shopping for a kitchen sink. There’s a few things to think about before makingthatpurchase. You need to know your mounting style, size, material preference, as well as some other factors. Mounting style: depends on a couple of things; personal preference and the surface it will be mounted on.   Top-mount: Are the most widely used. Their popularity is derived from low expense and ease of install. Installing these is as easy as laying down a bead of sealer, dropping the sink into place and tightening Continue reading →

Money Saving DIY tips

  1. Paint: Though painting is the cheapest investment you can make, it’s also the one with the most dramatic result. Go ahead and put some color on those walls for a fresh — and inexpensive — new look.              2. Do It Yourself: There are tasks to home remodeling projects you should not be paying for. One such cost is the end of the day clean up. You can save up to $200 a week on your contracted remodel project if Continue reading →

eFaucets review: California Faucets Style Drains

So you’ve got a plan for a stylish tile shower. You’ve picked out the shower head, faucet, and other elegant fixtures but what drain are you ging to use as the finishing touch? You could use the traditional grate:   But who wants that plain, uncomfortable on the feet, type of drain? So what do you do? Take a look at some options from California Faucets, that’s what you do. The StyleDrain and CeraLine might just be the solutions for you.   Those little metal Continue reading → Continue reading →

eFaucets Review: Black is the new chrome…

Graff tends to lead the way in innovating designs and color schemes. I was browsing their products and stumbled on their solar collection in black. As I was perusing the collection I pondered what color schemes in the bathroom this could go with? I pictured teal, red, orange and concluded it really would go well with about any color that would accent it. Obviously you would want to accent this little piece of bathroom jewelery and put it against a color that isn’t black or Continue reading → Continue reading →

eFaucets Review: To bidet or not to bidet…

Why get a bidet or bidet attachment? Why not? While they seem a little funny and kind of make you giggle at the thought of them and planting your tush on the seat and having your under carriage cleansed by a nice warm stream of water, there are many advantages to the bidet. First off, cleanliness: this is the most important reason. A nice warmed stream of water on your tuckus will get you by far cleaner than any TP out there on the market. Continue reading → Continue reading →