Graff tends to lead the way in innovating designs and color schemes. I was browsing their products and stumbled on their solar collection in black. As I was perusing the collection I pondered what color schemes in the bathroom this could go with? I pictured teal, red, orange and concluded it really would go well with about any color that would accent it. Obviously you would want to accent this little piece of bathroom jewelry and put it against a color that isn’t black or white.   Let’s look at the color teal:


And the faucet below,


Combine that color with the faucet in the following bathroom and you got a nice looking style there:


The shower system below would also look great in the bathroom above:


Graff’s products are so stylish and unique they’re almost imagination inspiring. The possibilities with Graff faucets and showers are almost limit less. You can make your bathroom make you feel any way you want to feel.

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