How to Choose the Perfect Paint Color

Choosing a new wall color for any room doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustrated indecision. While the final answer comes down to personal preference, getting to that step should incorporate a few considerations.

Mood – Is your room a tranquil retreat or a bright kitchen perfect for conversations during meal prep? Colors that correspond with the overall feeling you want in the room will pull the look together instead of contrasting with it.

Furniture & flooring – While you might not think of color when it comes to your furniture and existing flooring, you have to consider how they will work against a backdrop of blue or grey or tan or orange. Warm wood flooring can anchor a space of cool shades while a cool wall can act as the perfect foil for warm wood and leather furniture.

Consult a color wheel – Interior designers rely on the color wheel to be sure they’re making appropriate suggestions to clients for everything from paint to rugs to furniture to accent pillows. Complimentary colors are opposite each other; blues across from oranges and violet shades face tones of yellow, providing great examples of how to pair cool shades with warm.

Samples – A few ounces of paint to test is never a bad idea. Most paint stores offer sample shades for around $5, and it is money well spent. Choose a 2′ x 2′ square on each wall and apply the shades up for consideration. Leave the colors alone for a few days and really gauge how they play with the light – both natural and overhead – and whether or not they complement existing furnishings.

Visit websites – Several paint manufacturers offer customers the option of uploading a photo of their room to virtually paint it. This way, homeowners are getting a feel for how their paint will look without having to actually dip any brushes in a paint can.

Accessorizing Your New Faucet Just Got Easier

Pulling together the look of a room usually comes down to the smaller details, like whether or not the shapes and finishes on the towel bar and tissue holder match. eFaucets is taking the guesswork out of these decisions by offering accessories at check out for some leading brands like Moen and Delta.

“Choosing new bathroom fixtures for both a total remodel and a simple cosmetic change accessory suggestions detailshould be easy,” eFaucets CEO Mike Fox said. “We understand the importance of cohesive design so we’ve introduced accessory suggestions that include pieces from entire collections to help customers bring their ideas to life.”

When shoppers add certain bathroom faucets to their cart, customers will see suggestions for matching pieces like toilet handles, towel bars, towel rings and glass shelves. Customers have the freedom to choose which of the displayed products they want to buy or continue to check-out without adding anything extra to their cart.

This new feature is similar to the recently introduced recommended/required parts page for bathtub and shower faucets.

Shoppers can hover their mouse over any of the recommended products to get more detailed information. The eFaucets customer service number is featured prominently in case visitors still have questions.

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Warm Metal Finishes Top Faucet Trend in 2015

Shoppers who call eFaucets customer service are often in the market for new fixtures more than a decade after their last faucet purchase or remodel, and they want to know about the most popular finishes available.

Representatives at eFaucets have done their homework, noting that oil-rubbed bronze and brushed brass – warm metal finishes – are more popular in 2015 than classic go-to’s like polished chrome or brushed nickel.

“We get a lot of calls asking about what’s on trend,” team leader Mike Jovanovic said. “There are still some callers who want a shiny finish, but the number of shoppers is increasing who order the oil-rubbed bronze and the newer brushed brass.”

Customers are also willing to mix metal finishes in their kitchens and bathrooms; choosing an oil-rubbed bronze faucet and stainless steel light fixtures, for example.

The writers at agree.

“Another creative idea that adds plenty of visual interest: incorporate both warm and cool reflective metals into the same space — perhaps combining accents of brass or copper plus chrome,” they said in a recent post about kitchen design trends in 2015.

Faucet manufacturers are paying attention; customers can find polished, matte, and brushed metal finishes in almost every collection available.