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StyleDrain® Tile

The Best Drain You'll Never See

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Designers who create elegant showers don't have to settle for a cheap, flimsy drain.  Styledrain® is the solution. Made of solid forged brass, this exclusive patent-pending design is offered in contemporary or traditional styles with more than 30 custom finishes. Plus it has no visible screws, so its easy on the eyes and feet.

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So you've got a plan for a stylish tile shower. You've picked out the shower head, faucet, and other elegant fixtures but what drain are you going to use as the finishing touch?

You could use the traditional grate shown below.

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However, who wants that plain, uncomfortable on the feet, type of drain?

This is you custom shower, so what do you do?

Take a look at some options from California Faucets, that's what you do. The Styledrain® might just be the solutions for you.

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Those little metal looking lines in the tile are actually the drain for the shower.  Here's another view before the tile:

The tile/tray insert is placed into the drain tray.

The finished product can be any style of tile you desire.

StyleDrain Tile just won DPHA’s Most Innovative Bath Accessory of Year Award, and is now a finalist for Interior Design Magazine’s “Best of Year” Awards in the Bath Accessory category.

Don’t settle for the usual, when you can make it your own.

Get them at efaucets.com.



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