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Eliminate Water Temperature Surprises with Delta’s TempAssure Valve

Imagine never having to adjust the water temperature in your shower again. It’s possible with the TempAssure thermostatic valve from Delta.

TempAssure valves are designed to monitor water temperature and adjust automatically in either direction if the water gets either hotter or cooler than where you have it set.

An innovative feature can also prevent the faucet handle from turning too far toward hot, preventing potential burns. More, because the TempAssure can measure water temperature, fluctuations normal in ground water will not mean having to adjust the temperature control you set.

Delta’s TempAssure thermostatic valve is available in a number of styles and finishes to match nearly any existing fixture configuration or serve as the base for a new suite of products.

ActivTouch Shower Puts Control at Your Fingertips

No matter if you’re rinsing off after the end of a long day or need to add some pep to your step in the morning, the ActivTouch shower head from Delta puts the perfect spray at your fingertips.

With just the touch of a button, you have your choice of eight different spray patterns, and the ability to pause water altogether without turning the water off completely.

If a full spray shower is what you need, there’s a setting, but if you’re more interested in a massaging spray, Delta has provided a setting for that as well and just about everything in between.

Cleaning your ActivTouch shower head is a snap as well; TouchClean spray holes allow you wipe down the shower head without worrying about damage or hard water and mineral build up in hard-to-reach crevices.

Even better? The ActivTouch shower head earned the trusted WaterSense label for reducing water consumption by at least 20 percent.

Delta’s SpotShield Stops Spots

Your new kitchen or bathroom faucet is gorgeous, the jewel of your remodel, but using it means fingerprints, spots and smudges … unless you have one of Delta’s SpotShield faucets.

Available in stainless in the kitchen and brushed nickel in the bathroom, SpotShield technology was designed to keep your faucet looking spiffy for longer.

Even better? Delta’s SpotShield line of faucets features anti-microbial protection for even greater peace of mind.


Delta Temp 2.0 Technology for Peace of Mind

Getting the water temperature just right for either your bath or your shower no longer requires you quickly sticking your hand under the water for a quick test.

Delta‘s Temp 2.0 Technology¬†provides color-coded temperature read-outs as well as bright digital displays so stepping into the tub or under the shower is always just right.

The entire line of Delta Temp 2.0 fixtures Рshower heads, tub faucets and hand-held showers Рincludes three colors for easy temperature readings; blue for cold (73 degrees); purple for warm (100 degrees); and red for hot (113 degrees).

Additionally, the digital display is large and back-lit for easy reading so there’s never any guesswork when it comes to water temperature.