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Accessories Pull it All Together in Kitchen & Bathroom

The faucet might be the jewel of your kitchen, and the vanity might take up the most space in your bathroom, but you know what really pulls a room together? Accessories. From soap dispensers to towel rings to draw pulls, the devil really is in the details.


The room that gets the lion's share of traffic should be a little bit of show-off. Sure, the backsplash gets attention, and the fancy new faucet garners its share of "oohs" and "ahhhs," but having the right accessories can make or break the look.

While some folks feel comfortable mixing metals, we like a more streamlined approach so if you choose an oil-rubbed bronze finish on your faucet, we think accessories like the soap dispenser, cabinet pulls and drawer handles should compliment each other in tone if not outright finish.

For example, choosing a polished chrome faucet in a Craftsman pairs nicely with cut glass and chrome pulls or even a vintage look of ceramic handles with chrome accents. Also, if you aren't going with a soap dispenser built into your sink set-up, choosing a glass piece with a polished chrome spout is a great option, too.


Coordinating bathroom accessories has never been easier. Not only does eFaucets offer a great new feature that highlights products from the same collection as the fixture you'd like to buy, there are over a dozen different categories to address just about every need.

From toothbrush holders to soap dishes to vanity shelves to towel rings and towel bars, you have the ability to make your bathroom a showpiece with accessories that create a cohesive look.

Choosing a Moen Voss faucet, for example, leads you to another 37 products in the collection so your tub faucet, shower head, towel ring, tissue paper holder and vanity light all have the same profile and personality.

We know that a big remodel is stressful, so we are happy to make your shopping experience as easy as possible by offering full lines of products that answer your questions before you think to ask!


Accessorizing Your New Faucet Just Got Easier

Pulling together the look of a room usually comes down to the smaller details, like whether or not the shapes and finishes on the towel bar and tissue holder match. eFaucets is taking the guesswork out of these decisions by offering accessories at check out for some leading brands like Moen and Delta.

"Choosing new bathroom fixtures for both a total remodel and a simple cosmetic change accessory suggestions detailshould be easy," eFaucets CEO Mike Fox said. "We understand the importance of cohesive design so we've introduced accessory suggestions that include pieces from entire collections to help customers bring their ideas to life."

When shoppers add certain bathroom faucets to their cart, customers will see suggestions for matching pieces like toilet handles, towel bars, towel rings and glass shelves. Customers have the freedom to choose which of the displayed products they want to buy or continue to check-out without adding anything extra to their cart.

This new feature is similar to the recently introduced recommended/required parts page for bathtub and shower faucets.

Shoppers can hover their mouse over any of the recommended products to get more detailed information. The eFaucets customer service number is featured prominently in case visitors still have questions.

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How to Choose a Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets have to pull double, sometimes triple, duty. Not only do they hold a variety of personal grooming and hygiene items, medicine cabinets almost always include a mirror and can also provide lighting.

While shopping for a new medicine cabinet, consider these points before clicking "Add to Cart:"

1. Medicine cabinets can either be surface mounted or recessed into the wall. While most can be installed either way, some cabinets are application specific. Recessed cabinets have a lower profile, and installation requires building a frame inside the wall to support the weight of the cabinet.

2. Measure! To be sure the new cabinet will fit in the allotted space, run a tape measure from the bottom of the lighting fixture over the vanity to the top of it. The width of the vanity should also be measured to make sure the medicine cabinet can be centered with at least two inches on either side of it, more if independent sconces are also being hung.

3. Don't forget the less obvious spacing issues like making sure doors can swing open freely. More modern designs could include sliding doors - both side-to-side and up-and-down - so taking enough clearance into account is key for successful installation and access.

4. Medicine cabinets can be made of wood, plastic, aluminum or other metal and should be sealed with an enamel top coat. The enamel protects the cabinet for a longer life in the wettest room in the house.

5. While a mirror may be standard, task lighting is optional and can be a nice feature. Not only does the lighting eliminate the need for separate fixtures on either side of the medicine cabinet, using integrated task lighting removes shadows so shaving and makeup application are easier.

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How to Choose a Bathroom Fan

Bathroom fans may not be sexy, but they are necessary. Exhaust fans remove moisture from the air in what is hands-down the wettest room in the house. By wicking moisture to outside the house, fixtures and walls last longer, mold and mildew growth stops before it can start, and overall air quality is better.Not all…
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