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Which Bathroom Vanity Would You Choose?

Which bathroom vanity would you choose?
Clean, simple lines are what I need.
I love the "wow" of the vanity on the left.
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Legion white vanity with mirror Legion Scrolled Vanity with mirror


The bathroom vanity is much more than a fixture; it is a piece of furniture that needs to enhance the style and overall look of your bathroom. Not only should it provide exactly the amount of storage you need, it has be made of sturdy stuff to stand up to the wettest room in the house.

Legion Furniture offers a variety of vanities that stand on their own as statement pieces that can also add just the right touch to your bathroom. The vanity on the right is from the Universal collection and offers a timeless look that pairs well in smaller spaces in traditional and transitional homes. Pieces in the LF Collection – the vanity on the left – evoke a sense of time gone by and a certain luxury and elegance.


Bathroom Vanity: Single Piece with 2 Sinks or 2 Separate Pieces?

Bathroom Vanity: Single piece with 2 sinks or 2 separate pieces?
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When you’re planning a bathroom remodel – either the master bath or the main family bath – it’s important to consider how you’ll replace the vanity; a single piece with two sinks or two separate vanities.

Much of the decision can come down to space, of course. A single piece with two sinks requires no less than five feet of space while two vanities should get a little more breathing room at six feet. The goal for either scenario is to create enough personal space at each sink with a foot of neutral ground in between.

Style and personal preference certainly come into play as well. Since both are subjective, the only real answer to the question is as individual as the homeowners.

Still … we want to know which configuration do you prefer?

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Pedestal vs. Vanity: Which is Perfect for Powder Room?

Space in a powder room is typically at a premium so choosing between a pedestal sink or a vanity might seem like a fairly easy decision. Not so fast. While there is plenty to appreciate about a pedestal sink (smaller footprint), there are also points in favor of a vanity (hello, storage).

Choosing a pedestal over a vanity – especially in a smaller powder room – creates a feeling of airiness that a vanity just can’t deliver. Because a pedestal sink reveals the wall behind it, paint or wall treatments are fully visible, making the bathroom feel bigger.

Another positive for pedestal sinks is that if it’s necessary, choosing one that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act is much easier than finding an ADA-compliant vanity.

No, don’t touch that mouse yet and start clicking the link above. Let’s talk about the advantages of using a vanity in a powder room.

Storage is, by far, the most appealing feature of a vanity. Even pieces with narrow profiles still retain a drawer or cabinet for tissue paper and soap.

Vanities also come in a surprising array of styles and materials, can look like a piece of furniture, like it was built-in or like it’s floating on the wall, giving shoppers the ability to individually customize the look of each bathroom.

So, really, just like every other choice – the faucet, the flooring, the light fixtures – whether to use a pedestal sink or a vanity comes down to how the room is used and what’s really needed.

If storage is near the top of the list, then choose a vanity that’s sized right for the space, but if there are other storage solutions – a medicine cabinet, open shelving above the commode – then a pedestal sink might be the better way to go.

How to Choose a Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets have to pull double, sometimes triple, duty. Not only do they hold a variety of personal grooming and hygiene items, medicine cabinets almost always include a mirror and can also provide lighting.

While shopping for a new medicine cabinet, consider these points before clicking “Add to Cart:”

1. Medicine cabinets can either be surface mounted or recessed into the wall. While most can be installed either way, some cabinets are application specific. Recessed cabinets have a lower profile, and installation requires building a frame inside the wall to support the weight of the cabinet.

2. Measure! To be sure the new cabinet will fit in the allotted space, run a tape measure from the bottom of the lighting fixture over the vanity to the top of it. The width of the vanity should also be measured to make sure the medicine cabinet can be centered with at least two inches on either side of it, more if independent sconces are also being hung.

3. Don’t forget the less obvious spacing issues like making sure doors can swing open freely. More modern designs could include sliding doors – both side-to-side and up-and-down – so taking enough clearance into account is key for successful installation and access.

4. Medicine cabinets can be made of wood, plastic, aluminum or other metal and should be sealed with an enamel top coat. The enamel protects the cabinet for a longer life in the wettest room in the house.

5. While a mirror may be standard, task lighting is optional and can be a nice feature. Not only does the lighting eliminate the need for separate fixtures on either side of the medicine cabinet, using integrated task lighting removes shadows so shaving and makeup application are easier.

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