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Fixtures From eFaucets Complete Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel

When Prodigal Pieces maven Larissa Haynes set out to remodel her home's only bathroom- for her family of eight! - she knew she wanted more of a vintage-farmhouse theme to go with the style of the rest of her house.

eFaucets was happy to partner with Haynes on her project by providing a Danze shower head that delivers big on water pressure and style.

Before Haynes got her hands on the space for this final incarnation, though, she said it was a dark and dreary space she and her husband tried to make work by changing things here and there.

"First makeover included painting upper tiles dark maroon and the ceiling panels and grids white, added green floor tile, plus mirror and light fixtures, and took out the shower doors," she posted on her Prodigal Pieces blog. "Second makeover, yanked out the tub and toilet for new fiberglass tub with surround, and put in new floor tile."

After living with her decorating band-aids for a few years, Haynes finally took the bathtub by the horns and pulled the bathroom apart with a plan to make it light, airy and completely functional for her large family.

ProdigalPiecesTwitter 1We first got in touch with Haynes when she tagged eFaucets on Twitter asking for our advice about a matching shower head for a lavatory faucet she purchased. After speaking with her and learning more about her remodel, eFaucets was happy to help.

Haynes and her husband worked hard to infuse the right amount of vintage-farmhouse charm in their bathroom:

  • Painted beadboard ceiling with trim to make it appear coffered;
  • Re-purposed chest-of-drawers with lots of storage for the new vanity;
  • Re-finished light fixture Haynes found at a sale for $1;
  • Classic, white subway tile with grey grout;
  • Two-handle lavatory and tub faucets in brushed nickel finish; and
  • White hexagon tiled floor with grey grout to match the tub/shower.

ProdigalPiecesTwitter 2To make sure we stayed true to Haynes' vintage-farmhouse theme we shopped together and found the perfect match: a Danze shower arm mount handshower. Despite being a modern piece of engineering, the design retains a hint of vintage charm and the finish matched Haynes’ new faucets perfectly.

“Not only does this new shower head and accessories look better, but I’m happy to say that it does a wonderful job – this coming from someone who has returned several shower heads in previous years because their spray was weak,” she wrote on her blog about the bathroom project.

In the end, it may have taken a few months, but Haynes and her husband spent only $1,100 on their remodel, and their attention to detail is certainly evident. We were happy to help and look forward to following Haynes as she moves onto her kitchen.

If You Like It, Be Sure You Put a Valve on It

Shoppers who decide to change the fixtures in their shower need to consider the valve as well as their gorgeous new fixture. Without the right valve working behind the scenes, all that beautiful new trim won't release a single drop of water.

The shower valve is, perhaps, the most important piece of plumbing homeowners never see, and most have no idea that it even exists or why it matters so much. In short, a valve is the brass component in the wall that makes everything work; it directs hot and cold water to the correct handle and pulls water from the spout to the shower head.

Valves are brand-specific; only Kohler faucets will fit a Kohler valve and only Moen trims fit Moen valves, and most faucets do not include the valve. Only about 50 percent of eFaucets shoppers know the brand of the faucet they're replacing, which can result in unexpected and expensive work inside bathroom walls if their home lacks access panels.

"This is where a call to customer service can really save our customers time and money," said Mike Jovanovic, sales manager at eFaucets. "Our representatives won't let a customer off the phone without talking to them about valves."

Jovanovic stressed a call to eFaucets while a replacement/remodel is still in the planning stages can alleviate unnecessary headaches and expenses.

"Trims are typically the last pieces installed, and it's better to know whether or not the new pieces will match the existing valve and to plan for the possibility that they don't," he explained. "Imagine having all this beautiful tile as the shower surround and then the homeowner discovers the new faucet won't fit. That's not a good situation."

Service stops should also be considered when shopping for a new faucet and/or valve. Having stops as part of the valve's construction can also save time and money because the stops allow homeowners to shut off water to address repairs to the faucet without shutting off the water to the shower.

"Service stops are a great convenience," Jovanovic confirmed.

Valves are sold separately and are available in a variety of configurations designed to match entire collections of tub and shower trims.

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