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Garbage Disposals Help Turn Leftovers Into Energy

You’ve probably not given much thought to what happens to all the stuff you put down your garbage disposal, so it might surprise you how much good that small appliance is actually doing.

In addition to ridding your home of smelly pieces of leftover meals, your garbage disposal is also helping keep that waste out of local landfills so it can be turned into fuel and fertilizer. Here’s how it works, thanks to our friends at Insinkerator:

After being ground up and sent down the pipe to the water treatment plant, micro-organisms clean the water by eating all the stuff that’s in it. Remnants of the animals’ digestive process include methane gas, which can converted into renewable energy used to power the water treatment plant. Customers save money because less money is required for electricity to run treatment equipment.

At the end of the water treatment process, any biosolids that remain are turned into fertilizer for agriculture and, in some cases, home gardening. This kind of all-natural compost is better for the environment because it eliminates the need for harsh chemical treatments that take an enormous amount of energy to make and have the potential to actually be dangerous for the environment.






Open Shelving in the Kitchen: Yay or Nay?

If you’re thinking about tackling a kitchen remodel, what’s your opinion on open shelving?

On the one hand, open shelving works because the most used items are within easy reach. The lack of cabinet boxes also creates a feeling of a more open, brighter space, and, if you have a great collection of dishes and glassware, open shelving doubles as a display unit.

But, on the other hand, with all the moisture, dust, grease and everyday grime that part-and-parcel of a kitchen, do you really need to worry about keeping all that stuff clean?

Cambria Bold on The Kitchn blog defends open shelving, saying that instead of thinking about all the negatives, think about all the great ways the lack of upper cabinets can work in a kitchen.

“Open kitchen shelving can look great and be totally functional if you stick to a unified color palette, for example, oronly display the nicest things,” she wrote in a recent blog about kitchen design choices that drive her readers crazy. “As far as the extra cleaning, you probably use all those dishes and pans fairly often anyway, which means nothing’s just sitting there gathering dust!”

So, eFaucets friends, do you say “yay” or “nay” to open shelving in the kitchen?

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8 Tips to Make Your Remodel Project a Success

Have you taken a look around your home recently and decided at least one remodeling project was going to get addressed this year? We know the feeling, and we want you to be successful and love the result.

So, we put together a short list of tips that will help you see your project through from start to finish with less stress. We’d like to promise no stress, but we know our limits!

1. Plan, plan, plan – Do research in your area for the average costs associated with your remodel. Look up how much ROI (return on investment) you can expect from your finished project. Kitchens and bathrooms still command the most money, but the days of making money off a remodel are most probably long gone.

2. Know what you want – Define the scope of work and pick out materials before you start shopping for a contractor. By knowing exactly what you want done to a particular room and having a price list of the stuff you’ll need – flooring, new windows, or fixtures, for example – will help you keep track of costs and what can and can’t fit in your budget.

3. Thoroughly research any contractor invited to bid – Check the Better Business Bureau ratings and membership in professional organizations like NARI (National Association of Remodelers).

4. Bid out your project – Get several quotes for your remodel, and make sure they’re detailed. Stages of the project should be clear – demo, framing, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc. – and include the specs for materials that will be used as well as labor costs.

5. Check references – Once you’ve narrowed down contractor choices, make sure you have a list of references, current job sites and insurance policies for each of them. Call past customers to be sure the completed work is exactly what they want, and visit job sites to be sure they’re neat and organized. Reputable contractors should provide a copy of their insurance policy with their quote.

6. Contract and payment – Make sure the same scopes of work from the quote are included in the contract so you know what will and won’t be done. Be sure payment terms are clear so you know how much is required from you and when. Contracts should include a start and end date and a clear warranty for the work performed.

7. Put away valuables – Anything valuable should be put away to avoid getting stolen, lost or damaged during construction. This list includes personal jewelry, electronics, family heirlooms, lighting fixtures in hallways in the traffic pattern, etc.

8. Be a good client – Clear communication about what you want and from your contractor about costs and contingencies is critical to the success of your remodel; so is making sure you aren’t getting in the way (unless some of the work is being done by you). It’s also important to be respectful of your contractor’s experience and knowledge; watching home improvement shows is not nearly the same as actually doing the work.

You Asked: How does eFaucets Keep Prices so Low?

eFaucets customer service representatives speak to hundreds of customers every day, and one of the most common questions shoppers ask is how we keep our prices so low.

As one of the leading online retailers of kitchen and bath fixtures, accessories and lighting, eFaucets is committed to offering the very highest quality to our customers at affordable prices.

We partner with some of the best brands in the business like Kohler, Delta, Moen, Brizo, American Standard, Rohl, Riobel, Grohe, and hansgrohe, among others, to deliver luxury products at prices far below what shoppers expect to see.

eFaucets has developed such strong relationships with our vendors, we can ship orders out faster and for less directly from the manufacturer. Not only can we eliminate unnecessary lead times, our strong connections with vendors means we can also offer lower prices.

Some customers think our prices our so low that we can’t possibly be selling real faucets! We want you to know: Every product we feature at is authentic and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty against defect.

eFaucets is proud to work with the very best names in kitchen and bath fixtures to meet the home improvement needs of our customers.

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