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Warm Metal Finishes Top Faucet Trend in 2015

Shoppers who call eFaucets customer service are often in the market for new fixtures more than a decade after their last faucet purchase or remodel, and they want to know about the most popular finishes available.

Representatives at eFaucets have done their homework, noting that oil-rubbed bronze and brushed brass – warm metal finishes – are more popular in 2015 than classic go-to’s like polished chrome or brushed nickel.

“We get a lot of calls asking about what’s on trend,” team leader Mike Jovanovic said. “There are still some callers who want a shiny finish, but the number of shoppers is increasing who order the oil-rubbed bronze and the newer brushed brass.”

Customers are also willing to mix metal finishes in their kitchens and bathrooms; choosing an oil-rubbed bronze faucet and stainless steel light fixtures, for example.

The writers at agree.

“Another creative idea that adds plenty of visual interest: incorporate both warm and cool reflective metals into the same space — perhaps combining accents of brass or copper plus chrome,” they said in a recent post about kitchen design trends in 2015.

Faucet manufacturers are paying attention; customers can find polished, matte, and brushed metal finishes in almost every collection available.

Making Sense of Water Conservation Laws & Programs

Water conservation is a serious topic among lawmakers in nearly every state, especially landlocked ones or those suffering through extended droughts. California, Georgia and New York all now have requirements for how much water can flow through certain kitchen and bathroom fixtures to help conserve water.

There is a national program – the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense – that EPA WaterSense labelaims to help all Americans use less water. It’s important to note that  water conservation laws and programs are vastly different; laws require that everyone follow the same rules while programs are more about information and engagement.

Like the ENERGY STAR® label for residential appliances, products with the WaterSense badge let consumers know immediately they can use less water and save more money with a particular item. The program’s website confirms fixtures with the WaterSense label are at least 20 percent more efficient without a drop in performance.

Only eight states have enacted state standards for maximum allowed flow rates, and another three states have standards under consideration. The State of Washington already has efficiency standards on the books, and the Legislature there is considering more stringent flow rates.

The National Conference of State Legislatures website breaks down how laws are changing across the country. For a print-friendly quick look at the NCSL table, click here:

National Conference of State Legislatures Water Conservation Table

Should You Reface or Replace Kitchen Cabinets?

Remodeling a kitchen can be the most expensive upgrade homeowners will tackle, but the largest expense – the cabinets – doesn’t have to take such a large chunk out of the project budget because not all cabinets need to be replaced.

Instead of ripping out old cabinets and replacing them with new, refacing cabinets might be the way to go; the overall look can still be custom, but the cost is about half that of new cabinetry and can still include new toe-kicks, countertops, and hardware. As long as the layout of the kitchen works, refacing could be a viable option.

Refacing cabinets also means complete use of the kitchen while the project is underway. Additional pluses include the length of time refacing takes over replacing – five days compared to a couple of weeks – and just as many finish options as brand new cabinets.

Pete Goode from This Old House magazine says that homeowners should think about when their cabinets were installed because anything before 1980 is almost always going to be more structurally sound than modular, pre-built cabinets so popular today. Kitchen boxes that are more than 30 years old are most likely constructed of ¾-inch plywood so they’re solid.

“Some of the cabinets built 20 and 30 years ago are more solidly constructed than most modular, prebuilt cabinets today. So when it’s time to redo the kitchen, it often doesn’t make sense to start from scratch,” he wrote.

Replacing countertops, the sink and faucet are still part of the plan for most kitchen upgrades, so pricing those items should not be overlooked.

But, if a complete kitchen remodel is in the cards – taking walls to the studs, moving plumbing, changing the layout – then replacement cabinets configured for the new space are the better choice.

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eFaucets Sports the Google Trusted Stores Badge

eFaucets, your leading online retailer of kitchen and bath fixtures, was recently selected to join the Google Trusted Stores program.

To help shoppers identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience, the Google Trusted Store badge is awarded to e-commerce sites that demonstrate a track record of on-time shipping and excellent customer service. When visiting the eFaucets website, shoppers will see a Google Trusted Store badge and can click on it for more information.

“eFaucets is proud to offer customers even greater peace of mind when shopping with us,” said company co-founder and CEO Mike Fox. “The Google Trusted Store badge gives shoppers reassurance at a glance that their online shopping experience at eFaucets will be safe and successful.”

As an added benefit, when a shopper makes a purchase at a Google Trusted Store, they have the option to select free purchase protection from Google. Then in the unlikely event of an issue with their purchase, they can request Google’s help, and Google will work with eFaucets and the customer to address the issue. As part of this, Google offers up to $1,000 lifetime purchase protection for eligible purchases.

Google Trusted Stores is entirely free, both for shoppers and for online stores. The program helps online stores like eFaucets attract new customers, increase sales and differentiate themselves by showing off their excellent service via the badge on their websites.