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Which Kitchen Sink Would You Choose?

Which kitchen sink would you choose?
I love Harmony!
Definitely dig the urban vibe of Crosstown.
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Elkay Harmony Kitchen Sink Elkay Crosstown Kitchen Sink

The sink is undoubtedly the workhorse of the kitchen so the one you choose had better be made of sturdy stuff … that also looks great for years to come.

In the photos above, you’ll see two great kitchen sinks from Elkay; the Harmony and the Crosstown. Both are stylish and durable, made from hearty materials that can stand up to everyday messes, parties and holidays, too.

Where they differ is design. Harmony has a relaxed curve and rounded edges for both traditional and transitional kitchens while Crosstown has a very modern aesthetic with a square profile and stainless steel to compliment urban spaces.

Which sink would you choose for your home?

Which Kitchen Faucet Would You Choose?

Which kitchen faucet would you choose?
Absolutely the one on the right.
The one of the left is perfect.
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2 traditional faucet DeltaDelta modern faucet

Choosing a new faucet for your kitchen is a big deal. Not only is it the centerpiece of the room, it’s also the most used appliance in your home. The new faucet has to look great and perform even better.

Check out the two kitchen faucets from Delta above. The one on the right is traditionally styled in a brushed finish, and the one on the left definitely has a more modern profile in a smooth matte finish. We’re sure both would look great in your kitchen, but which one would you choose?

Delta Introduces Touch2.0 Soap Dispenser

Imagine not having to touch a soap dispenser again when you wash up in both your kitchen and your bathroom. Instead, just wave your hand over or under the spout or tap the spout with your wrist.

Washing up got easier with the introduction of Delta’s groundbreaking Touch 2.0 faucets, Delta touch20 soap dispenserand with the introduction of their new electronic soap dispenser, it’s faster than ever to scrub up after meals, crafts, gardening and more.

The technology for the dispenser works as fluidly as it does for Delta’s 2.0 faucets; with touch on the neck of the unit or by waving your hand over it or under it.

Even better? The soap dispenser can be used with either dish soap or hand soap.

“Touch2O.xt Technology meets the needs of consumers who are looking for an enhanced user experience in the home,” said Elliott Thompson, product manager, in a press release. “By offering counter-mounted electronic soap dispensers with this technology, we’re giving consumers desired functionality with a seamless look in the kitchen or bathroom.”


Kohler Sneak Peek: New Vintage Nickel Finish

Design, engineering and pure ingenuity come together in a new faucet finish from Kohler: Vintage nickel.

The company made the announcement on their LinkedIn page and offered a sneak peek of what a faucet will look like when products hit the market.

We’re adding a new finish to our KOHLER faucet line this summer, and here’s a sneak peek. Introducing Vintage Nickel, with an antique vibe thanks to a unique development and production process by our innovative industrial designers and process engineers,” the post reads.

Vintage nickel is made possible by taking nickel-plated pieces and running them through a machine that Kohler describes as a “blender with rocks” to create the worn, textured finish you see in the photo.

 “The complexity of this finish is what makes it unique—a combination of mechanical finishing, chemical and powder coating,” engineer Mohammad Omari is quoted as saying.

Stay tuned for when the Kohler vintage nickel finish is available on

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