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Delta Fixtures So Strong, You Can Stand on Them

Your bathroom fixtures have to stand up to a lot of use, abuse, wear and tear so it's important that your faucet, shower head and tub spout look great while carrying the weight of all that responsibility.

Delta uses a patented Duramount technology that infuses plastic with a strength you have to see to believe; just check out the attached photo for proof. But Delta also uses plastic for solid economic reasons as well:

  • Because plastic can be manipulated more easily than metal, designers have more creative freedom and customers can be sure that the look of their fixture is consistent with others in the same collection.
  • A 105-degree shower feels amazing on your skin, but if you're using a metal handheld shower head, your hand will quickly start to feel the burn. Plastic vastly reduces heat transfer so holding hot metal isn't an issue.
  • Plastic is considerably lighter than metal so it won't hurt (quite as much) if you drop your handheld shower head on your foot. It also won't crack tile.
  • Water is hard on metal while plastic resists corrosion and doesn't rust.
  • Your plastic bathroom fixtures have the same warranty as a heavier and more costly metal version.

The glimmer and shine of metal is beloved for good reasons, but getting the same look, durability, versatility, lower price point and warranty in plastic is possible with Delta Duramount technology.

5 Bathroom Up-do’s that Look Upscale

If you've been standing the doorway of your bathroom wondering what you can do to spruce it up without splurging, let eFaucets help you count the ways. Simple changes can make a huge impact.

1. Curved shower rod and fancy shower curtain - A luxe framless glass shower door would be fantastic, but if you don't have the budget for it, go instead for a double curved shower rod to use one for the shower liner and the outside rod for a fancier fabric shower curtain. Not only does the curved rod actually increase the elbow room inside the tub, but keeping the liner and curtain on separate rods makes cleaning easier, too.

2. Light matters - Replacing a time-worn light with a new fixture can change the entire feel of the bathroom. From a dowdy space with shadows to a brighter space with the flick of a switch!

3. Paint - One of the most inexpensive ways to brighten up and give your bathroom a new personality is paint. At around $25 a gallon (plus supplies), you can give your room a mini-makeover with all the benefits and very little of the pain. Be sure you're bringing home paint labeled for kitchen and bath; it's made to stand up to moisture.

4. Tile - Adding tile to the bathroom can be an expensive undertaking if you don't plan accordingly. For example, if you just don't have the money to do the entire tub surround, just do the back wall or half-way up each wall around the tub.

5. Jazz up your mirror - Resale shops, both locally owned and larger operations like Goodwill and Salvation Army, usually have a pretty good selection of mirrors at reasonable prices that could hang above your bathroom sink to replace the plain-Jane thing you've got up there now. Don't let having a medicine cabinet stop you! Find a creative storage solution (bins, shelving with baskets) and then patch that hole and cover it with a fabulous new mirror.

Eliminate Water Temperature Surprises with Delta’s TempAssure Valve

Imagine never having to adjust the water temperature in your shower again. It's possible with the TempAssure thermostatic valve from Delta.

TempAssure valves are designed to monitor water temperature and adjust automatically in either direction if the water gets either hotter or cooler than where you have it set.

An innovative feature can also prevent the faucet handle from turning too far toward hot, preventing potential burns. More, because the TempAssure can measure water temperature, fluctuations normal in ground water will not mean having to adjust the temperature control you set.

Delta's TempAssure thermostatic valve is available in a number of styles and finishes to match nearly any existing fixture configuration or serve as the base for a new suite of products.

2-in-1 Shower Head is Every Day Luxury

Relax or rejuvenate under the spray of a 2-in-1 shower head that feels like you're indulging when you're actually using the same amount of water as a conventional shower.

What makes the Delta In2ition so unique is that at first glance it's a solid shower head, but closer inspection reveals the hand-held shower resting in the middle. You have the option of using the In2ition as one piece with a uniform shower spray or using the hand-held while water continues to cascade from the stationary parts of the shower head.

The feeling of a drenching spray - without actually using more water - is the result of engineering; an internal system controls the size of the water drops and the speed at which they are released from the shower head. You'll feel like you're using more water when you're using about the same amount or less than a standard shower.

Like most Delta shower heads, multiple spray settings are available; from drenching spray to pulsating massage and everything in between. More, users have the option of using one component or the other, depending on what kind of shower they need.

The Delta In2ition shower head is available in just about any style and finish to match existing fixtures or compliment new bathroom and tub faucets.