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Delta Temp 2.0 Technology for Peace of Mind

Getting the water temperature just right for either your bath or your shower no longer requires you quickly sticking your hand under the water for a quick test.

Delta's Temp 2.0 Technology provides color-coded temperature read-outs as well as bright digital displays so stepping into the tub or under the shower is always just right.

The entire line of Delta Temp 2.0 fixtures - shower heads, tub faucets and hand-held showers - includes three colors for easy temperature readings; blue for cold (73 degrees); purple for warm (100 degrees); and red for hot (113 degrees).

Additionally, the digital display is large and back-lit for easy reading so there's never any guesswork when it comes to water temperature.

Which Shower Trim Kit Would You Choose?

Which Shower Trim Kit Would You Choose?
I love my Moentrol & the look of the one on the left.
Vintage styling is more my style.
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Moen Voss Trol Shower Trim Moen Kingsley Posi Temp Shower Trim\

If you're looking to upgrade your shower faucet for a new look without tearing up the whole bathroom, there are some great choices available.

When it comes to single-handle shower faucets, the real choice for homeowners is whether or not to choose a Moentrol or a Posi-Temp model. In a nutshell, the Moentrol - invented by Moen - allows users to set their water temperature and then just pull the handle out and back for easy operation while the Posi-Temp operates in a circular motion; the further away from the "off" position, the warmer the water.

The choices above represent one of each; the trim kit on the left is a Moentrol in the Voss collection with clean lines and sharper edges, and the trim kit on the right is a Posi-Temp from the Kingsley collection in a vintage style and brushed brass finish.


How to Clean Ceramic Tile in Your Kitchen and Bath

Ceramic tile is beautiful and can really improve the look of any room, especially your kitchen and bathroom. Keeping it clean not only keeps your kitchen and bath looking their best but also reduces unnecessary stress. For kitchen floors, a silicone-based grout sealer is recommended by the folks over at Better Homes & Gardens. They…
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How to Choose the Right Shower Head

Choosing the right shower head goes beyond opting for the most recent version of the brand you currently use.*

Modern choices include shower heads with removable Bluetooth speakers, LED temperature indicators, and magnetic docking systems for handheld showers. Add an array of styles and finishes, and choosing a new shower head can get overwhelming.

To help cut through the chatter, we've put together a few things to take under consideration before you start shopping.

Single-function shower heads - Straightforward without any bells and whistles, this shower head appeals to buyers who want uncomplicated spray each and every shower. Advances in materials mean a variety of finishes and styles that are also easy to clean.

Multi-function shower heads - Would you prefer a massaging spray or more of a rainshower? Whatever your mood or need each day, a multi-function shower head adjusts to provide the right kind shower.

Hand showers - The whole family can get clean with this versatile and ... handy ... shower head. Not only can it adjust to accommodate various individual heights for both adults and children, it can function just fine on its own or together with a stationary shower head.

Rain shower - Heavy drops falling straight from above are what differentiate a rain shower head from the others. Like the showers in tropical forests that inspired their creation, rain showers provide a drenching fall of water that can invigorate you at the beginning of the day or relax you at the end.

Body sprays - Homeowners interested in a more luxurious experience can choose to install body sprays in conjunction with one or more shower heads; usually a handheld and a rain shower. Depending on the design, body sprays can be installed on just one wall or three for the ultimate shower experience.

*If the shower head is the only thing changing, worrying about a valve may not matter, but if the entire system is being replaced, then be sure you have the right valve assembly as well.