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What’s in Your Shower: Tile or Shower Surround?

Do You Have Tile or a Shower Surround?
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Do you have gorgeous tile work in your shower or did you go with the easy maintenance of a shower surround? Perhaps you have a fully integrated shower stall instead.

The materials we choose for our showers – no matter if it’s a separate space or over a tub – is as individual as we are.

Tell us in the comments why you chose one over the other.

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3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Shower

Did you know that the average American shower lasts eight minutes but counts as the third largest source of water use in most U.S. homes?  According to the EPA, toilets and washing machines rank first and second, respectively.

Since saving money is at the top of most homeowners’ lists – and water conservation is gaining traction – there are some steps people can take to get the most out of their showers no matter if they’re getting clean, relaxing or reinvigorating.

1.  Shower head:  New technologies are giving manufacturers the freedom to design and deliver shower heads with lower flow rates that don’t skimp on water pressure. From the hansgrohe Croma to the Grohe Tempesta and Kohler Katalyst, satisfaction with water pressure remains high while saving water and money on water bills.

2. Hard water: Most Americans live in a hard water area so it’s important to take care of your shower head so it doesn’t get clogged with the minerals hard water leaves behind. Periodically remove the shower head from the arm and soak it in a vinegar and water solution, or fill a plastic bag with vinegar and water and attach the bag to the shower arm with a rubber band. Keeping nozzles free-flowing reduces the amount of water wasted in longer showers.

3. Update old fixtures: Turning an existing shower in to a spa-like experience no longer means tearing up the wall behind the faucet. Both Kohler and Grohe offer high-end retro-fit kits that can be installed with existing plumbing. Not only do the kits look great and install easily, they’re also designed to conserve water without compromising performance. Homeowners save time and money upfront and for several years to come as well.

Take Singing in the Shower to New Levels with Kohler Moxie Showerhead

Imagine starting your day at a concert featuring your favorite tunes blasting out of a speaker you have in the shower with you; a speaker that actually IS the shower.

If you’re anything like us, you do your best singing in the shower. Now you can pump up the volume and crank your favorite tunes under the same great spray you expect from a Kohler shower head with the Moxie bluetooth shower speaker.

The Moxie bluetooth shower speaker provides clear sound and serious volume to help get you going in the morning. Even more, the speaker pops in and out of the shower head using a secure magnetic dock so you can take your music with you when you’re done in the bathroom.

Now available in a variety of colors, the Moxie shower head also comes in different styles; a more traditional shape and as a rainhead. Each member of the family can have their own color and sync their play lists to their speaker so everyone’s favorite songs are available at the touch of a button.

Moxie shower heads are designed for water conservation as well; water flow is at 2.5 gallons per minute or at 2 gallons per minute for maximum water savings.

Avoiding Common DIY Mistakes

How many times have you watched a home improvement show and thought, “I can totally do that?” We know we have, but if we’re honest, we know our ambition exceeds our ability when it comes to more complicated projects like installing/refinishing wood floors, installing tile and certain plumbing projects.

Before you decide to tackle a home improvement project on your own, it’s important to be honest about not just your capabilities, but also what your time and the materials will realistically cost. There is an enormous amount of pride and satisfaction knowing every time you look at your beautiful wood floor that you did it, but if it took you three times as long as it would have taken a professional, was that really time well spent? compiled a list of DIY lessons some homeowners wish they’d known before they decided to tackle their projects on their own:

1. No compromise! Instead of the white kitchen of her dreams, Kelly from View Along the Way ended up with a cream-and-brown color scheme that leaves her feeling “meh” instead of “marvelous.” Instead of sticking with what she knew she wanted, she allowed a designer to convince her that white cabinets would not go with a dark wood floor.

2. If you have the room for a little extra elbow room in the shower, take it. Pam Kueber from Retro Renovation went with a 34-inch wide shower stall when she really should have gone with a 36-inch. Kueber also said that had she been aware of the availability of an enameled-covered cast iron shower base, she would have chosen that over the solid surface base she installed.

3. Don’t belabor the point of refinishing a wood floor yourself if renting the sander, buying the sandpaper, and risking damage plus the time it takes to travel the learning curve is going to be as much as or more than hiring a professional. Curbly Publisher Bruno Bornsztein learned that lesson the hard way when he attempted to refinish the wood floor of his enclosed porch.

What DIY lessons have you learned?

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