Jacuzzi Towel Warming Drawer

What could be more comforting then a warm, fluffy towel or cozy warm slippers waiting for you as you step out of the bath? Introducing the Jacuzzi Towel Warming Drawer. Bring Spa-like luxury home with Jacuzzi’s stainless steel warming drawer that slips into standard cabinetry and warms up to two towels in minutes.  Or opt for the larger 42″ version that accomodates up to 4 towels, or bathrobes and oversized bath sheets. Available sizes: 24-inch modelDesigned to fit a traditional cabinetCutout Dimensions : 21″ L Continue reading →

Amba Sirio Towel Warmer Collection

Towel Warmers are multi-purpose in function and use. They can help you dry off, stay warm and save on laundry which makes them so popular everyone in your household will want to use the Is your towel warmer out of space because your family keeps tossing towels all over them? Amba Towel Warmers can help. The Sirio towel bar was made for just this, now towels can be evenly distributed leaving you more space on your towel rack to dry and warm your towels. The Continue reading →

Towel Warmers Applications Include Wall Art

Towel warmers, heated towel rails, not only offer visual appeal but serve as a mutli functional accessory. Once marketed only to upscale spas and hotels, homeowners on any budget can now afford the luxury of owning a towel warmer.Towel warmers are designed to warm and dry bath linens faster than air drying. It is sustainable and a more energy efficient way to reduce laundry loads with the added benefit of keeping “damp” towels from becoming mildewed and unsanitary. Moreover, in colder temperatures, most towel warmers Continue reading →