Tile Body Jets are Affordable Luxury

Enjoy the feeling of being at a spa everyday … at home! The new Tile Body Jets from Riobel offer affordable luxury because the jets are streamlined to bring an elegant touch to any bathroom. Available in either square or round shapes, the body jets are fully adjustable and have a flow rate of 4.5 liters per minute; the perfect combination of innovative technology and personalized comfort. Tile Body Jets are stylish, functional, and will redefine the shower experience.

California & Vermont Restrict Amount of Lead in Plumbing Fixtures Jan 1, 2010

CA/VT Compliance – Frequently Asked Questions——————————————————————————– What is AB1953 ? California AB 1953 (or Vermont S152 if you get a Vermont query) is a law that further limits the weighted average (amount of) lead content in pipes, fittings and plumbing fixtures used to convey drinking to a maximum of .25% on wetted services. This is less than the allowable level in most states whose standards are based on the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act, which has been very effective in making drinking water safer. When Continue reading →

Claw Foot Tub Buying Guide

eFaucets offers every style of claw foot tubs from top manufacturers to suite your style and needs. Claw Foot Tubs are commonly referred to as Vintage Tubs. There are basically four main categories of clawfoot tubs. 1) Roll Top Cast Iron Tubs, Slipper Cast Iron Tubs, Double Slipper Tubs, Dual Tub, Dual Tubs on Plinth, Acrylic Roll Top Tubs, Acrylic Slipper Tubs, Acrylic Dual Tubs, Acrylic Dual Tubs on Plinth, Acrylic Double Slipper on Plinth. Roll Top Cast Iron Tubs Slipper Cast Iron Claw Foot Continue reading →