Completely changing the look and mood of a room doesn’t have to involve a total tear-down, new flooring, furniture and fixtures. Instead, grab a gallon of paint and a roller and transform a space – any space – in about a day.

This week (May 11 – May 15, 2015) is National Painting Week, so celebrate by changing the look, the mood, and the light – yes, the light – of a room or two.

Go from “meh” to marvelous; here’s how to properly prep for the best possible outcome:

1. Remove smaller furniture and take everything off the walls. Remove the blades from the ceiling fan if there is one. Otherwise, place blue painters tape around light fixtures to protect them.

2. Move larger pieces of furniture to the center of the room and drape with cloths or plastic sheeting to protect them from splatters. Make sure the floor is covered, too.

3. Dust and wash the walls with mild soap and water to remove any dirt, greasy residues, or moisture streaks from humidity.

4. Patch any holes in the wall with spackle and smooth down; caulk any gaps between baseboards/trim and the walls; and putty any exposed nail heads in the trim.

5. Prime the walls (and trim if wood work is getting a fresh look, too) with either white or a primer tinted the same color family as the paint. This is especially important covering white with any color in the red, blue and purple families.

6. Prime the ceiling to help make sure the ceiling coat goes on evenly, even if white is covering white.

7. After the primer dries for an hour (or according to instructions), cover the walls with the color of choice, let it dry and apply a second coat.

Once the second coat dries, stand back and admire the way sunlight bounces off that brilliant new shade of blue or how a formerly beige room full of blah is now full of smiles and a bouncy shade of berry.

Every room in the house should feel welcoming in its own way, and paint can help make it happen.