Autumn has officially begun and the night skies are beautifully lit by a variety of constellations; Ursa Major and Mine (Big and Little Bear), Orion, Pegasus, Cassiopeia, Hercules, Aquarius and many others. Exterior security lights, though, can make it tough to see the stars clearly so when you’re shopping for pieces like sconces, pendants and wall lanterns, look for fixtures that are Dark Sky certified.

Light pollution is light that spills in every direction, and it can negatively impact how you see the stars and enjoy the night sky. Installing fixtures certified by the International Dark Sky Association means you can trust that the light has minimal, if any, spill and that beams are pointed in a downward direction, where’s it needed.

The IDA is committed to reducing light pollution, which they define as “the inappropriate use of artificial light at night (which is) an environmental pollutant that harms our planet and robs us of the opportunity to experience the wonder of a natural night sky.”

IDA leaders proactively work with lawmakers, lighting manufacturers and parks to help improve the lives of people and wildlife through responsible nighttime lighting solutions.

Having an IDA-certified light means that when your exterior fixtures are positioned correctly, the beam directs down to provide illumination where it’s needed most for pedestrian safety, to wash walls and eliminate shadows, and provide clear direction for vehicle traffic.

Shoppers looking for stylish outdoor lighting who also want to minimize light pollution can find over 100 products on the eFaucets website. To start browsing, simply type “Dark Sky” with the quotation marks in the search box at the top of the eFaucets homepage.

From old-school lanterns and gooseneck wall sconces to sculpted modern pieces, traditional lamp post fixtures and everything in between, there is sure to be a fixture that fits your style, compliments your home and increases your curb appeal without blocking your view of light show in the sky.