Your bathroom fixtures have to stand up to a lot of use, abuse, wear and tear so it’s important that your faucet, shower head and tub spout look great while carrying the weight of all that responsibility.

Delta uses a patented Duramount technology that infuses plastic with a strength you have to see to believe; just check out the attached photo for proof. But Delta also uses plastic for solid economic reasons as well:

  • Because plastic can be manipulated more easily than metal, designers have more creative freedom and customers can be sure that the look of their fixture is consistent with others in the same collection.
  • A 105-degree shower feels amazing on your skin, but if you’re using a metal handheld shower head, your hand will quickly start to feel the burn. Plastic vastly reduces heat transfer so holding hot metal isn’t an issue.
  • Plastic is considerably lighter than metal so it won’t hurt (quite as much) if you drop your handheld shower head on your foot. It also won’t crack tile.
  • Water is hard on metal while plastic resists corrosion and doesn’t rust.
  • Your plastic bathroom fixtures have the same warranty as a heavier and more costly metal version.

The glimmer and shine of metal is beloved for good reasons, but getting the same look, durability, versatility, lower price point and warranty in plastic is possible with Delta Duramount technology.