Imagine not having to touch a soap dispenser again when you wash up in both your kitchen and your bathroom. Instead, just wave your hand over or under the spout or tap the spout with your wrist.

Washing up got easier with the introduction of Delta’s groundbreaking Touch 2.0 faucets, Delta touch20 soap dispenserand with the introduction of their new electronic soap dispenser, it’s faster than ever to scrub up after meals, crafts, gardening and more.

The technology for the dispenser works as fluidly as it does for Delta’s 2.0 faucets; with touch on the neck of the unit or by waving your hand over it or under it.

Even better? The soap dispenser can be used with either dish soap or hand soap.

“Touch2O.xt Technology meets the needs of consumers who are looking for an enhanced user experience in the home,” said Elliott Thompson, product manager, in a press release. “By offering counter-mounted electronic soap dispensers with this technology, we’re giving consumers desired functionality with a seamless look in the kitchen or bathroom.”