Eliminate nighttime near misses by installing a Night Glow toilet seat in your home.

Glow-in-the-dark toilet seats used to serve as novelty items you included in a gag gift exchange; turn off the light, and they’d work for an hour or two. In the last several years, though, advances in glow resin technology mean glow-in-the-dark toilet seats stay illuminated for up to 10 hours and can last for years.

“We want the Night Glow toilet seat to be a solution to safety in the bathroom at night,” Night Glow Toilet Seat - Greencompany founder Tim Fittler said in a phone interview. “With Night Glow, every member of your household can feel safe at night because there’s no guessing and no blinding light.”

Fittler first had the idea of a glow-in-the-dark toilet seat – the Potty Glow – in 1999 after a friend of his nearly brained himself by tripping in a dark bathroom and falling into the bathtub. Potty Glow was available in a variety of novelty stores and online, but hardware stores wouldn’t carry it because they didn’t see it as a serious product.

“At the time, the glow only lasted a couple of hours, so they had a point,” Fittler added.

Fast-forward a few years and introduce the advent of glow-in-the-dark resin that could last eight or even 10 hours; ittler knew he had to re-brand the toilet seat as a fixture every family should have in their home.

The way Night Glow toilet seats work is the same as the original glow resins; they absorb light and then glow in the dark. Fittler said the seats will absorb artificial light, but do best in a bathroom with windows where natural light – both direct sunlight and indirect – is available most hours of the day.

Even better? The Night Glow toilet seats will last at least five years, blend in well with white toilets and are designed to fit standard North American toilet measurements for easy DIY installation.

Night Glow toilet seats are available in elongated and round configurations in both blue and green.