When it comes to choosing a bathtub faucet, there are practically no limits on what is available; every style, finish and price point is out there for homeowners to consider. So how do shoppers cut through the clutter to find the perfect piece(s)? eFaucets can lead the way.


For tub/shower combinations, installation is typically on the wall, though there are some tub-mounted options, too. Sets most often consist of a shower head, one or two handles and a tub spout.

Free-standing tub faucets are not drilled through the tub but instead come up through the floor and hang over the rim of a tub. These faucets include two handles and a tub spout. Some of them also feature a handheld shower head for easy rinsing.

Deck mounted tub faucets are designed for drop-in tubs, and the faucet is either mounted directly to the tub or on the deck surface surrounding the tub. Homeowners who enjoy taking a relaxing bath will appreciate these fixtures because there’s more room in the tub.

*Make note of how many holes the faucet will require and prepare accordingly.

Style & Finish

Even if the bathtub faucet stays hidden behind a shower curtain most of the time, matching the style and finish of it to the bathroom faucet is usually a good idea.

If there’s a polished chrome angular faucet sitting above a vessel sink, the shower faucet should also be polished chrome and angular. Likewise, a more vintage satin/ceramic combination with cross handles at the sink should be replicated at the tub and/or shower.

Valves – Out of sight, but not out of mind

If the new bathtub faucet is more of a replacement upgrade, shoppers need to know the brand of their current faucet and purchase a new fixture of the same brand to avoid having to replace the valve hidden behind the wall. Valves are brand-specific, so having this knowledge before shopping can help avoid unnecessary headaches down the road.

But, if the tub faucet is part of a new configuration, choosing a new brand and the valve to go with it is relatively easy. eFaucets provides a prompt at checkout to be sure shoppers are buying the appropriate parts and accessories with their new faucet.