Ceramic tile is beautiful and can really improve the look of any room, especially your kitchen and bathroom. Keeping it clean not only keeps your kitchen and bath looking their best but also reduces unnecessary stress.

ceramic tile floor kitchen

For kitchen floors, a silicone-based grout sealer is recommended by the folks over at Better Homes & Gardens. They say this prevents strains from grease – a big issue in the kitchen – and other liquids like juice.

Ceramic tile in the kitchen should be swept every day to keep dirt and food particles from getting ground in and scratching the tile, dulling its surface. The magazine recommends using only warm water and a rag or a chamois-type mop, never a sponge, to clean the tile.

The best way to keep bathroom tile clean is to seal it; both the tiles and the grout should be sealed with a latex-based sealer to keep out moisture. In high-traffic – and wet – areas like bathrooms, porous materials like ceramic tile and grout can show stains from mold and mildew in a relatively short amount of time.Kohler Shower Surround

Sealing both with a high-quality latex product will go a long way in reducing the appearance of mold and mildew – and associated odors – as well as make simple tile maintenance a snap.

John Bridge over at the Tile Your World blog recommends latex-based sealers as well as giving your shower a daily squeegee.

Each and every time the shower is used, it must be completely dried out. Some people use a window washer’s ‘squeegee’ to pull the water down from the walls and then use a towel to sponge it up from the bottom of the shower,” he wrote.

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