Living in a city comes with a lot of perks; walkability, extensive shopping and dining options, a variety of entertainment venues, and more. But, city living can also mean limited outdoor space that too often gets ignored and then used as a makeshift storage area.

Small balconies can and should be used – during warm weather, of course – as an extension of indoor living space, and outfitting them should take just as much thought. Here are some tips we found for making the most of your small balcony in the big city:

Go greenUse planter boxes that affix to railings and fill them with colorful annuals that match the climate of the balcony; full sun, part shade, full shade, etc. Fill unused corners with potted plants in colorful pots that can be brought inside once autumn arrives.

Nightlights – String LED Christmas lights around the space for a pleasant twinkle after the sun goes down. Not only do LEDs use less energy, they also don’t attract bugs and still come in a variety of colors so you can mix, match or stick with clear.

Have a seatAll but the teeniest spaces can accommodate at least a pair of stylish folding chairs and a bistro table. Get adventurous and buy the chairs (or paint them yourself) in bright hues like cerulean or terra cotta. Accessorize with pillows made from outdoor fabrics in a different colors and patterns.

Outdoor rug – Inexpensive outdoor rugs are available at most big box stores, but they’re not always the most attractive. With a little DIY, though, a plain, grey outdoor rug can sport jazzy stripes in the color of your choice. Or, you can take a tablecloth and roll some polyurethane over it and turn that into an outdoor rug.