2-in-1 Shower Head is Every Day Luxury

Relax or rejuvenate under the spray of a 2-in-1 shower head that feels like you’re indulging when you’re actually using the same amount of water as a conventional shower.

What makes the Delta In2ition so unique is that at first glance it’s a solid shower head, but closer inspection reveals the hand-held shower resting in the middle. You have the option of using the In2ition as one piece with a uniform shower spray or using the hand-held while water continues to cascade from the stationary parts of the shower head.

The feeling of a drenching spray – without actually using more water – is the result of engineering; an internal system controls the size of the water drops and the speed at which they are released from the shower head. You’ll feel like you’re using more water when you’re using about the same amount or less than a standard shower.

Like most Delta shower heads, multiple spray settings are available; from drenching spray to pulsating massage and everything in between. More, users have the option of using one component or the other, depending on what kind of shower they need.

The Delta In2ition shower head is available in just about any style and finish to match existing fixtures or compliment new bathroom and tub faucets.

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