3 Easy Fixes for a Brighter Home

Layer_Your_Lighting_DesignBringing brighter life to a home doesn’t have to involve expensive solutions. Sometimes, all it really takes is strategic lighting, a new paint color, and different window treatments; all of which can be had on a budget.

Layered lighting

Lighting a room properly involves more than just installing a single fixture overhead or placing lamps in dark corners. Layers of light – ambient, task, and accent – can create just the right mood and increase efficiency at the same time.

General lighting – ambient – typically comes in the form of chandeliers and ceiling-mounted fixtures. This is the base layer of light and where homeowners should start when planning their overall lighting scheme.

Task lighting could take the form of a pendant light over a kitchen island or the lamp that sits on an end table. These fixtures have a smaller light throw than ambient lighting and are usually used for specific reasons like food prep and reading.

Highlighting a piece of art or drawing attention to a noteworthy detail is what accent lighting is for. Small spotlights, track lighting, and flexible LED tape all provide accent lighting for the right amount of flair.


Changing the color of just one wall can make a dramatic difference in a room so imagine what a new shade on all four walsl can do! Go from drab to fab by using bright colors of the ocean or invite the sun inside with a cheerful accent wall. At about $25 a gallon (plus supplies), paint can be a great way to go.

Let the light in

Clear out those dark drapes and replace them with lighter, brighter fabrics or blinds. Rooms will fill with natural light without sacrificing privacy and create an overall sense of warmth and cheer.

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