4 Easy Tips for Cleaning Almost Any Light Fixture

Wall SconcePrep for spring cleaning is fully underway in millions of American homes – if not in full operation – and light fixtures so often end up overlooked during the cleaning frenzy.

To get the most out of every lamp and bulb in the house, clean fixtures are a must. Here are four tips that should address the most common situations:

1. Bulbs – Remove the light bulb from the fixture and wipe it off with a clean, soft cloth. It’s amazing how much dirt and dust settle on bulbs – even enclosed – but light will shine that much brighter with a clean lamp than a dusty one.

2. Glass shades/globes – Use warm, soapy water to clean glass shades and globes by submerging smaller pieces, wiping any dirt and residue away and then rinsing them. Pieces can be laid on soft terry towels to dry. For larger globes, place the glass on a soft towel on a table and use a damp, soft cloth to wipe both the inside and outside of it. Let it air dry before putting it back up.

3. Lamp shades – Paper and shades made of almost any kind of fabric can get unbelievably dusty. Use either a lambs wool duster or duster wand from the cleaning aisle at the store and wipe down the entire surface of the shade. The dusters (both natural and not) will trap the dust and minimize particles floating away to coat other surfaces.

4. Chandeliers – Here’s where cleaning can get a little tricky. Smaller chandeliers can be taken down and laid on a large, soft towel for dusting and any glass pieces wiped individually with a damp cloth. Larger pieces can be a little more challenging. The folks at HGTV recommend filling a spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and water, opening an umbrella and hanging it upside down from one of the chandelier arms. Then, lightly spray the entire fixture with the vinegar/water solution and let the moisture drip down into the umbrella.

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