4 Ways to Add Eat-In Options to Your Kitchen

Having a tiny kitchen is bad enough, but to think you can’t also have a seat there and enjoy a meal is worse. We went looking for ideas on how to add an eat-in option to small kitchens so grab a cup of coffee and start imagining how you could put one of these plans to work.

1. Tiny corner = banquette – Adding banquette seating in a small “L” shape to fit an unused corner creates a cozy eating area that doesn’t eat up valuable real estate. Add an appropriately sized round table and now you’ve got the perfect space to sit either alone or even – yes! – with a friend.

2. Fold-away table – A little ingenuity can go a long way. Fasten hinges to one side of the finished – and correctly sized – piece of wood of your choice and drill the other side of the hinges into a wall. Be sure at least one screw is anchored by a stud; the other screw can be anchored with a drywall anchor. You will also need to construct some type of support for when the table is in use (like a small hinged brace). Add two chairs (that can be stored/used elsewhere) and voila!

3. Hide-away table – Take a que from tiny houses and utilize a hide-away table that slides out when you need it and tucks nicely out of sight when you’re done with it. These pieces of furniture are most often hidden in a cabinet with legs that fold down or away and self-storing seating.

4. Garden bistro set – A sweet and small metal bistro set designed from small balconies can be brought indoors and used as a kitchen table. Sure, it’s tiny, but that’s the point; it’s meant to fit snugly in the corner. Add colorful cushions to the chairs and maybe a small circle of glass to even out the tabletop.

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