5 Easy Ways to Perk Up Boring Cabinets

Tired of your kitchen cabinets but not sure how to spiff them up without breaking the bank? Let eFaucets help with five easy and affordable fixes:

1. Paint – even though painting might seem like a no-brainer, it’s often not the first go-to for changing the look of your kitchen because painting cabinets is a process, make no mistake. Still, if you dedicate a weekend to doing it right, you’ll have a look to love for years. Virginia over at livelovediy.com offers a 10-step tutorial.

2. New Hardware – we know it’s hard to believe that changing out a boring matte cabinet knob for a chic and shiny handle can make any difference, but you’d be surprised. We suggest cleaning cabinet doors and drawer fronts thoroughly to remove any dulling residue before you swap out your hardware, but then go to town. If you have more of a country vibe, maybe oil-rubbed bronze is your go-to; likewise, if you’re more into chrome cabinet hardware, choose the pulls and handles that will give you the most bang for your buck.

3. Remove Upper Cabinet Doors – not only can you change the look of your cabinets, but if your kitchen is on the smaller side, removing the doors on a few key cabinets can also make your room feel more open and airy. Remember, though, just removing the doors without hiding hinge holes and/or doing anything to the boxes won’t be the fix you need. This plan is usually in conjunction with doing some work on the cabinet box as well.

4. Add Crown Molding – cabinets that end suddenly but still have a decent amount of space above them can be made to look more luxe by adding crown molding. Go as big and bold as fits the overall style of the kitchen but be sure it matches the tone of the cabinets; white with white; wood grain with wood.

5. Add pops of Color – surprise folks with pops of color when they open your cabinets. Using contact paper in the pattern of your choice that you find at any home improvement store, line the backs of cabinets for a little style where you least expect it.

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