6 Great Gifts Your New College Grad Will Love

Congratulations! You have a college graduate who’s ready to take on the world and move into their first place. To help get them started on the road to true independence, eFaucets put together a list of great gift ideas that will help personalize their space without damaging their security deposit.


  1. Table lamps – eFaucets is happy to welcome the ultra-cool stylings of All the Rages table lamps. We know it might not seem like table lamps make that much of a
    difference, but they really do. Whether your grad is more into modern or wants to bring some traditional flavor from home with them, choosing table lamps that fit their style will mean a lot.Night Glow Toilet Seat Blue
  2. Toilet seat – Replacing the toilet seat in your grad’s new apartment can be both practical and a little bit of fun at the same time with a Night Glow toilet seat. Not only are you providing your newly minted adult with a seat you know has never been used, you’re also giving them a handy night light so late-night trips to the bathroom don’t entail the turning on harsh overheads that make it difficult to go back to sleep. Just remember to save that original seat so it can be re-installed when the lease is up.home_decor
  3. Decorative mirrors – Most landlords frown on painting but are perfectly okay with hanging things on the wall. Mirrors and other home decor items are a great way to introduce style and personality to your grad’s first place without breaking the bank for either of you!shower_curtains
  4. Bath mats & shower curtains – Making the bathroom spiffy with coordinated shower curtains and bath mats is usually at the bottom of the “to do” list when moving into and organizing a new apartment. Shopping for these often-overlooked items is a great way to take care of some of the little details that go a long way.toothbrush_holders
  5. Toothbrush holders – Take note of the metal finishes in the bathroom and coordinate the toothbrush holder accordingly. It may or may not get noticed by your grad, but we know how good it will make you feel to see it all come together.Kohler Moxie Still Shot
  6. Moxie speaker & shower head – Now THIS is how your grad gets ready to take on the world. The Moxie wireless speaker and shower head turns an ordinary shower into a concert using Bluetooth technology that connects to a mobile phone. And because the speaker is wireless, it can go wherever your grad goes as they get ready for work or for a night on the town.

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