Black Granite Sink Dawns New Day of Kitchen Style

Dawn Nieves is a busy mom and lifestyle writer who enjoys giving home projects a DIY try, and when it came to her kitchen mini-makeover, she was determined to do the work herself. She was confident replacing her stainless steel kitchen sink with a Pegasus black, granite composite sink would add the dash of drama she wanted.

A New Dawnn New SInk Full View
Dawn Nieves kitchen with her new sink. She also installed a tile back splash.

“Friends, my sister and even my mom tried to talk me out of it. Stainless steel sinks are just the norm and no one loved the idea,” Nieves wrote on her blog. “Replacing our old sink with the dark, dramatic look really brought the room together. It made such a difference and I feel like I got a whole new kitchen out of the deal.”

On her blog, Nieves focuses on the joys and challenges of being a wife and mother including sharing tips on travel with little ones; providing a forum for parents for kids with allergies; sharing recipes and more. Because her kitchen is relatively new, Nieves wasn’t looking to tackle a major overhaul, but she knew it needed … something.

A New Dawnn Kitchen Sink Before
Dawn Nieves’ kitchen before her new sink

“My kitchen was and is very nice, but it needed some personality,” she said. “First, I replaced the faucet and soap dispenser. I know that’s a little backwards, but I’m glad I did because the new faucet led to the new sink.”

One of Nieves requirements was that her new sink either come pre-drilled for a faucet and soap dispenser or that she have the ability to drill a second hole for the soap.

“I really want this to be a DIY installation,” she stressed. “So I needed to be able to do the work to add a second hole if necessary.”

The Pegasus sink fit the bill; not only was it pre-drilled for a single-hole faucet, it also included knockouts for additional holes. Nieves had the drill bit required, and she said installing the new sink was much easier than she anticipated.

“Installation was a breeze and the new sink was ready to go in a little under an hour,” her post continues. “I never knew just how easy it could be to replace a sink until I undertook this task.”

A New Dawnn Sink Before & After
Dawn Nieves kitchen before and after her new sink installation.

As for all those naysayers who tried to convince Nieves to stick with stainless steel, they’ve definitely come around.

“Everyone, including the nay-sayers who tried to talk me out of it, love how it looks. It’s the first thing everyone notices when they walk in the kitchen and really gives the kitchen a whole new look,” she added.


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