Bright Ideas: Have You Updated Your Lighting Lately?

Ugh … we know … that room you remodeled or redecorated just a few years ago could already use an update, but who has the time or money for that? Well, have you considered changing up your lighting fixtures for the pick-up you need?

Lighting plays an important role in our lives, not the least of which is helping us feel good about the spaces where we live.

Updating that white ceiling fan with the frosted glass globe with a stylish new fan in an unexpected material or shape can change the entire look and feel of a room. Designers are using a variety of finishes, too, that both contrast and complement a range of individual styles and tastes.

Have your pendant lights gone from marvelous to just meh? Think about exchanging a traditional design for pops of color or introducing some drama with dark metals. Likewise, lightening a look or dressing up the space a little with some bling can go a long way.

Need a small light to banish shadows in a corner of your living room? Think about pairing a glass or metal table lamp with the warm tones of your furniture or add a lamp with a wood base to complement the more modern lines of your room.

Even a new lamp shade matters; moving from a ubiquitous white, round shade to an oval opaque or even a metal mesh will liven up that neglected corner and keep it from fading into the background.

In the dining room, chandeliers add the right amount of sparkle and anchor the room with a definite statement. If even a simple chandelier gives you doubts, think about using several pendants instead or invest in one large pendant fixture in a show-stopping finish like polished chrome.

Lighting in bedrooms is especially important. You want a bright enough lighting scheme that you can accomplish everyday tasks, but also create an atmosphere of relaxation. A ceiling fan with a light fixture can provide the ambient lighting you need and temperature controls while table lamps with dimmers put you in more direct control of how bright you need your task lighting to be.

Like the paint on the walls or the rug under your feet, lighting matters and can influence both the design and the feel of a room. Consider taking some risks to achieve the look you’ll love for the next several years.

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