eFaucets.com Helps Outfit Goop Offices
November 28, 2017

eFaucets.com is proud to have contributed faucets and fixtures to the gorgeous remodel of an addition to the Goop offices … Continue reading “eFaucets.com Helps Outfit Goop Offices”

Getting Your Bathroom Ready for the Holidays
November 1, 2017

If you’re standing in the door of your guest bathroom and wishing for a quick transformation before family and friends … Continue reading “Getting Your Bathroom Ready for the Holidays”

Matte Black on a Budget
October 25, 2017

Matte black is a beautiful finish on faucets and fixtures that instantly creates style and sophistication in your kitchen and … Continue reading “Matte Black on a Budget”

Which Faucet Finish Matches Your Style?
October 10, 2017

Finding the right finish to match the style of your new kitchen or bathroom can be overwhelming. Can brushed nickel … Continue reading “Which Faucet Finish Matches Your Style?”

Delta’s LED Night Light Potty Training Toilet Seat
July 21, 2016

Finally! The toilet seat that eliminates two potty problems has arrived: the Sanborne LED potty training night light toilet seat … Continue reading “Delta’s LED Night Light Potty Training Toilet Seat”

Stylish Grab Bars, Hand-Held Shower Help Aging in Place
July 20, 2016

Increasing numbers of older Americans are choosing to live out as many of their golden years as they can independently … Continue reading “Stylish Grab Bars, Hand-Held Shower Help Aging in Place”

Ceramic Sinks from Kraus Combine Durability with Good Looks That Last
July 19, 2016

Summer is officially here! If you’ve been thinking about fresh beginnings (and who hasn’t?), what better place to start with … Continue reading “Ceramic Sinks from Kraus Combine Durability with Good Looks That Last”

How to Fix a Leaky Toilet
July 19, 2016

Fixing a leaky toilet is really a matter of investigative reporting; first discovering where the leak originates and then addressing … Continue reading “How to Fix a Leaky Toilet”

Video: How to Replace a Toilet
May 11, 2016

Is it time to replace your toilet? Let eFaucets show you how to properly measure for your new fixture, take … Continue reading “Video: How to Replace a Toilet”

Matt Muenster: Smart Bathroom Storage Essentials
May 2, 2016

To a fault, I have a pretty good memory. I remember almost every detail of every bathroom we’ve crashed on … Continue reading “Matt Muenster: Smart Bathroom Storage Essentials”