Classy Caps Can Light Up Your Nights, Keep Party Going

Keep your outdoor party going after dark by installing LED caps from Classy Caps to your deck and fence posts.

Does this sound familiar? You plan a fabulous afternoon cook-out on your deck with family and friends that ends at dusk because even small, twinkling lights attract bugs that ruin everyone’s good time.

Good news! You can put your plans back in action because Classy Caps has solved your lighting dilemma with solar-powered LED deck and fence posts. Fashioned to fit most square posts from 3.5″ to 5″, Classy Caps come in a variety of styles to either match or complement the style of your home.

Here’s how they work: the patented solar panel absorbs sunlight throughout the day and stores the energy in the units’ AA rechargeable batteries. When the sun goes down, the LED lights glow softly for hours. There is no cost to run Classy Caps and no wiring required.

Additionally, installation takes just a few seconds, and because the lights are LED, they won’t attract bugs.

Like the rooms inside your home, your yard should be dressed in a layered lighting scheme. Use solar-powered outdoor fixtures like landscape lights to outline walking paths, motion-activated security lights that banish shadows where you need it most like around your garage and entrances, hanging pendant lights so your guests feel safe and welcome, and deck/wall lights that direct light down for sure footing.


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