Crystorama Solaris Chandelier Gives Good Glam

When Ashley Mellott and her family moved into their home six years ago, she was prepared to do some work; in some rooms more than others, including swapping out dated and blah lighting fixtures. What Mellott wasn’t prepared for was the dramatic difference a light fixture can make.

“While I could have chosen a more simple chandelier for (the dining room), the Crystorama Solaris Mini Chandelier with its mix of metal and hanging crystals really pulls together the style of the space,” she wrote on her blog. “Not to mention that when lit, it casts such beautiful designs on both the ceiling and walls of the dining room.”

But let’s start at the beginning. Mellott and her husband methodically worked their wayAshley Mellott dining room before through almost every room in their home over the last few years, including the dining room. She admits it didn’t need a ton of overhauling, but it needed something.

“There was nothing spectacular about this space at all and in a way, I’m grateful for the ‘blank canvas’ that allowed us to really put our own unique fingerprint on the house,” her post continues.

The Mellott’s home is “farmhouse glam,” she said, a mix of natural material and neutral colors with pops of modern flair. To get rid of the “blah” in the dining room and introduce a little more “wow,” they did some work:

  • Mellott’s husband put up crown molding and a chair rail;
  • Ripped out the carpet and replaced it with 4-inch distressed hardwoods;
  • Painted the walls a great shade of dusky blue;
  • Placed a dark wood table and sideboard set in the room;
  • Tried to balance a matching framed mirror with floral art on the opposite wall, but …

… there was still that light fixture.

“You’ll notice the drab stock chandelier and dark wood trimmed mirror hanging above the server … I believe that each of these pieces was doing nothing for the space but dragging it down,” the post continues.

Mellott visited for some inspiration, and she was thrilled when she found the Crystorama Solaris Mini Chandelier. She also replaced the dark framed mirror with a bigger piece that has a much lighter touch.

“With so many unique lighting options, I honestly spent hours perusing,” she wrote. “Replacing the old, outdated lighting in our dining room with a beautiful chandelier from eFaucets, has quickly (made it) become my favorite room in our home as well as feeling the most complete.”

Ashley Mellott After Dining_Room_Lighting-9525Mellott is so happy with her room’s transformation that she’s considering changing out the light fixtures in the rest of the house as well.

“I am so enamored with the final look and feel of this room. What an incredible difference swapping out a simple lighting fixture could make,” she realized. “For the first time in six years, I am so thrilled and elated with how this room came to be. It has quickly rocketed to the top spot on my favorite room in our house. I think this means I’ll definitely be using this space to entertain more often!”






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