Delta’s LED Night Light Potty Training Toilet Seat

Finally! The toilet seat that eliminates two potty problems has arrived: the Sanborne LED potty training night light toilet seat from Delta is now available.

As a night light, the Sanborne emits a soft, blue glow so getting up in the middle of the night no longer needs to include stubbed toes or blinding glare from overhead lights. For little ones learning how to use the bathroom like a big kid, the night light feature comes in especially handy; decreasing the amount of light they’re exposed to and increasing the likelihood they’ll fall asleep faster when they go back to bed.

An added bonus is the built-in potty training seat so parents no longer have to worry about a separate ring and/or a plastic training toilet that needs to be washed out. When toddlers aren’t using the bathroom, the seat lifts up and out of the way for adults.

Even better? The potty training seat is removable when toilet training is complete. The entire family can use the traditional toilet set-up while keeping the night light feature.

For families who are past the potty training stage – yay! – the Sanborne night light seat is available without the training ring.

The night light doesn’t use electricity but instead runs on four, AA batteries that last for about six months. A built-in timer is set to run for nine hours on and 15 hours off, so you don’t have to worry about the light glowing during the day and wasting battery power. Another bonus is that the Sanborne night light works with the seat(s) up or down.

Additional features include a soft-close lid so not only do parents not have to worry about little fingers getting pinched, there’s also no risk of sudden slamming. Quick-release connections make cleaning a snap, and the the no-slip bumpers on the seat reduce shifting and wiggling.

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