Diamonds Make Faucets Last 10 Times Longer

Kitchen and bath faucets are the workhorses in any home, and we want them to look good and work properly for years to come. Delta Faucets understands and created Diamond Seal Technology – yes, with real diamonds – to keep their faucets running up to 10 times longer than the industry standard.

Here’s how it works:

Faucets require internal valves to pull water up the supply lines to the spout in response to the need for hot, warm or cold water. Delta replaced the plastic or metal cartridge and gasket that sits in the valve with a diamond-coated ceramic disk instead. That one small but ultimately significant step makes the faucet virtually leak-free.

Additionally, Delta integrated metal-free waterways so water never comes in contact with potential contaminants once it is inside the faucet. Included supply lines measure 38 inches so you’ll never need to worry about buying lines that fit your application.

Diamond Seal Technology on single-handle faucets also enables you to set a range-of-motion limit for the handle to keep more sensitive skin from getting scalded.

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