Great Holiday Gift Ideas from eFaucets

Rock concerts in the shower, a throne fit for the king of any castle, nightlight toilet seats, coordinating shower curtains and bath mats, a fire burning hot tub and so much more … eFaucets has a list of great gifts sure to leave an impression this Christmas.

Kohler’s Moxie Wireless Speaker – Give the gift of music with a twist. The Moxie wirelessKohler Moxie Shower Speaker in Color
speaker series takes singing in the shower to a higher level by delivering your favorite tunes via Bluetooth. And the music doesn’t stop just because your shower is over; pop the Moxie out of the shower head and take your tunes with you.

Croydex Bath Accessories – Recent college grads and couples just starting out on their own can often use all the help they can get outfitting their new homes. Croydex offers a great selection of stylish accessories like polished chrome shower rods, towel rings and robe hooks and coordinating shower curtains and bath mats.

Geesa Hotel Shelf/Towel Holder – Boost the utility – without sacrificing the style – of any bathroom by adding needed storage with a minimal footprint. Geesa offers polished chrome and glass shelves that fit perfectly above a vanity but below the mirror where you can place everyday items like a toothbrush holder, shaver and shaving cream, lotion and handsoap. Geesa also has a hotel towel holder perfect for a guest bath where there might not be a linen closet so washcloths, hand and bath towels are always within reach.

Speakman Anystream Hotel Fixed ShowerheadSpeakman Anystream Hotel Shower Head – A shower should be whatever you need it to be; invigorating spray to start the day or soothing massage to ease tension. This shower head was built to mimic a five-star hotel experience at home and features five adjustable jets with 50 individual streams and eight massage sprays.

LED Nighlight Toilet Seat – Eliminate the need to shuffle in the dark to the bathroom or blinding yourself with harsh light once you get there. LED toilet seats are the nightlight you’ve been hoping for; giving off enough light for you to find your way but not so much that you’ll have trouble getting back to sleep.

Alfi LED Rainshower Shower Head – Add more color to your life with the LED Rainshower Alfi LED Rain Shower HeadsShower Head from Alfi. Available in a variety of sizes of either round or square heads, the LEDs are multi-colored and change according to the water temperature; less than 113 (F) gives you a blue rainfall, and temps between 114 and 121 will make the lights glow red. Should water temperature rise above 121, the LEDs will flash red. Even better? The water pressure powers the LEDs so there isn’t concern or expense related to batteries.

American Standard Funbath Conversion Kits – Turn your child’s bath time into fun time with a conversion kit that creates either a castle or a fire truck. These temporary units fit right over a standard 60-inch tub and include a built-in seat, grab bar, and spray shower to keep kiddos safe and eliminate sore backs for parents because now they aren’t bending over to bathe their children.

TOTO Travel Handheld Washlet – Savvy world travelers are well-accustomed to the convenience and cleanliness of the TOTO washlet and bidets. The TOTO travel handheld washlet runs on batteries and gives you the luxury of warm water washing wherever you go. Just fill the reservoir and extend the wand; with the push of a button you’re experiencing the comfort of home.

Elk Astronaut Flush Mount Light – Feed your child’s loveElk Astronaut Light of science and space with the Astronaut Light from Elk. The flush-mounted disk is painted to look like the galaxy, and the metal light housing is molded like a spaceship with the light bulbs serving as the engine. The light also features two astronauts on a space walk.

Alfi Cedar Wood Foot Soaking Barrel – Give the gift of relaxation to someone who could really use a relaxing foot soak at the end of a hard day with this solid wood foot soaking barrel with matching spoon. The barrel is deep enough and wide enough for you to place your whole foot on the bottom and feel the relaxing warmth on your legs, too.

Alfi Portable Fire Burning Hot TubAlfi Portable Fire Hot Tub – Lightweight and durable without being a permanent fixture, this hot tub isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen before. It has a fire burning component that heats the water for the hot tub; just fill the tub with your garden hose and let the fire do the rest. Water will reach around 100 degrees in about two hours, depending on the starting temperature of the water and how warm or cold it is outside. The fire can act as a campfire to boot; perfect for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.

Herbeau Dagobert Wood Throne Toilet – We promised you a throne fit for a king, and this is Dagobert toiletit: the toilet that plays a song honoring the last ruler of the French Merovingian dynasty (629-639). Dagobert was a powerful king who ruled much of what is now Europe, and established Paris as the capital of his empire. “Le Bon Roi Dagobert” (The Good King Dagobert) plays whenever the lid is raised, and a bell sounds when the flush pull is activated.








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