Help! My Sink Has Five Holes; How do I Fill Them?

While it is typically best to buy your sink and faucet together so you know exactly how many holes you’ll need, there may be instances where you have a sink with more holes than the new faucet you’d like to install.

We recently received a question from a customer about how to fill the extra holes in their Kohler 5-hole kitchen sinksink:

“Is there a list of accessories that I can choose from for the five holes?”

Leigh Weidner, eFaucets marketplaces manager, responded with this useful advice:

The number of accessories you can put in depends on how many holes your faucet has. If your faucet takes up 3 holes, that leaves room for two accessories, and the most popular accessories are soap dispensers and side sprays. If your faucet takes up less than 3 holes, you could potentially install additional soap dispensers for dish soap, hand soap and lotion.

If you don’t want the additional accessories cluttering up your deck space, you also have the option of purchasing hole covers.

One of those holes may need to house an air gap for your dishwasher to prevent any water from the sink from backing up into your dishwasher. Check your plumbing configuration to confirm whether or not this applies to your set-up.

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