Home Cooks Go Pro with Kraus Sinks & Faucets

Today’s homeowners want professional-style kitchens to match their culinary zeal. You might say they want to have their cake and eat it too – and have a great-looking space in the process.

A kitchen needs to be tough enough to handle the daily workload of cooking, and accommodating enough to entertain guests when you’re ready to relax. With the Pax Series, you can meet everyday needs while making a statement with the distinctively modern look.

When it’s time to redo the kitchen in your home, you want to select fixtures and appliances that not only stand the test of time, but are also flexible enough to grow with the décor as your tastes evolve.

For the best of both worlds, reliability and style, you’ll absolutely love the commercial-grade quality and design chops of Kraus sinks and faucets.

Each sink in the Pax Series is cavernous, to say the least. It’s actually so deep that you may find yourself calling friends to bring their dishes over – just to see if theirs can fit as well.

Made of 16-gauge 1.5mm-thick stainless steel (that’s restaurant quality) a Pax sink in your home will take anything you can throw at it. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, your only dilemma will be who’s going to do the dishes. And for once, doing them won’t make such a racket: Kraus’ patented NoiseDefend™ coating and insulation dampens clanks, echoes, and disposal din, making for a much more pleasant experience.

Pax’s design sensibility matches its ease-of-use. With zero-radius corners and a square drain, your sink will finally measure up to your culinary A-game. Its satin finish is modern and robust; the 95º sidewalls will help you keep it spotless.

For enhanced functionality, pair up your Pax sink with Kraus’ Crespo and Nola commercial-style faucets. You’ll love them because they have strong, flexible extension hoses to spray all those hard to reach places (or kids); your contractor will love them because of the QuickDock mounting assembly allowing for the easiest installation from above the sink.

Between the Crespo and Nola Series, you’ll have the choice of a sleek modern faucet, or a more industrial look with a steel coil wrapping of the faucet stem. Both feature a minimalist handle and versatile nozzle for streaming or spraying that will especially come in handy when you’re washing veggies or cleaning the sink.

But don’t take my word for it; the reviews speak for themselves:

I recently got the Kraus Crespo Kitchen Faucet for my parents to put in their new house. We needed something that would be easy to use, look great and have a lot of room with high neck … Installation was easy and only took about 15-20 minutes … Overall we are really happy with the faucet and look forward to years of use! — Corilee (Crespo Faucet user)

This faucet combines cutting-edge design with excellent functionality. It’s easy to use, has great water pressure, and looks gorgeous in our kitchen. While we enjoy a modern aesthetic, I think this faucet would work equally well in a transitional or even traditional setting. — Perigee (Nola Faucet user)

Kraus has really nailed the market for the culinary enthusiast looking to bring restaurant-style kitchen appliances into their home. Whether you’re looking for a focal piece for your open-plan island, or a workhorse for your galley corner, Kraus is a serious contender for your remodel, and when you see the pricing it becomes a must-have.

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