How to Choose a Bathroom Mirror

Robern Vanity MirrorChoosing the right bathroom mirror – or not – can make or break the look of any bathroom. Choose one that’s too big or too small, and the whole room seems off. But, when the right mirror is hanging perfectly above the sink or vanity, the room just seems to come together.

Bathroom mirrors are the finishing touch to an overall design scheme and a great opportunity for homeowners to really show their personalities. Still, there are some steps to take before the shopping even begins.

Measure twice, buy once

Before rushing to the efaucets website to buy a bathroom mirror, homeowners should take the time to measure the space where the mirror will go:

Vanity – Measure the full length of the vanity to determine the center for one large mirror. For double vanities and a mirror above each sink, take the measurement from one edge to the middle (invisible) line between sinks to determine that center point.

Height – How high above the sink the mirror is placed is dependent on personal preference but should also take into account the height of the tallest user. A good rule of thumb is that the top of the mirror should extend a few inches above the head of the tallest person. Measure from the bottom of where the mirror will sit to the bottom on the light fixture above and take note of that number.

Framing – All measurements should include any framing around the mirror.


Bathroom mirrors can be heavy, so it’s important to make sure it is securely anchored to the wall behind it. Ideally, mirrors should be mounted to a wall stud, but if there isn’t one, then wall anchors rated for the weight of the mirror can be used instead.

Reflections of you … and you … and you

Most people want to see more than just their faces in the bathroom mirror. For a last check before heading out the door to work or a night out, the mirror should provide ample reflection space for everyone.

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