How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity

Vigo Bathroom VanityThe bathroom vanity is an important piece of furniture, and choosing the right one is paramount for success. Not only does it need to do the work needed – storage, primarily – a vanity also should be sturdy, stylish and properly fit the layout of the bathroom.


Whether the bathroom is big or small, can fit two sinks or just one, the bathroom vanity should include some type of storage. The best judge of how much storage the new vanity should have is how the current piece is used and what is missing or is too much.


The bathroom is the wettest room in the house, so the vanity needs to stand up to all that moisture without warping, molding, peeling or cracking. Wood is by far the most popular choice for the cabinet of a vanity, and homeowners should make sure the wood is properly sealed and lacquered.

Vanity tops should also be fairly indestructible as well as easy to clean, so experts recommend materials that don’t require a lot of maintenance and avoiding grout.


French country, mid-century modern, transitional, contemporary … how the vanity looks has be taken under consideration because of its prominence in the room. Small details like a flat, painted cabinet door or an antiqued, raised panel door will either pull the bathroom together or … not.

Placement & Size

Traffic flow in the bathroom is just as important as it is in the kitchen. A vanity that’s too big and interrupts morning routines because doors can’t open properly or makes cleaning around it difficult will turn into an unnecessary headache. Likewise, a vanity that’s too small will not only look awkward, it won’t function in the space.

Details to consider when choosing a vanity include:

  • Is the area around the vanity easy to clean?
  • Can people get around even if vanity doors are open?
  • The size of the vanity should be commensurate with the size of the bathroom.
  • Aim for a vanity that’s 34 to 35 inches tall.
  • Can electricity be installed inside the cabinet for small appliances like hairdryers?
  • Bigger, deeper bowls mean less mess to clean.

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