How to Choose a Ceiling Fan

Choosing the right ceiling fan has more to do with function than it does style because the size of the room and ceiling height can make the difference between a fan that looks right at home and one that stands out like a sore fan.

The high cost of cooling and heating can be reduced with ceiling fans because fans circulate air for a more efficient system overall. Plus, circulating air in a bedroom makes for more comfortable sleeping overall.

It’s important to measure the room before shopping for the fan. Any room less than 75 square feet should only need a 24-inch diameter fan. Likewise, any room larger than 225 square feet will need a 54-inch diameter fan, and rooms that are even bigger could safely and stylishly accommodate two fans.

What is the ceiling height? Rooms with only 8-foot ceilings need a flush mounted fixture to provide as much headroom as possible. Mounting arms in various lengths are available for ceilings that measure nine feet or more:

9 feet 6”
10 feet 12”
12 feet 24”
14 feet 36”
16 feet 48”
18 feet 60”
20 feet 72”

Homeowners should measure from the floor the where the fan’s blades will rotate. Ideally, there should be at least eight feet of clearance so that even taller individuals can safely walk under and near the fan.

How the fan moves air is primarily determined by the pitch of the blade, so homeowners should shop for the design that tickles their fancy the most. For optimal performance, though, blades should operate eight or nine feet above the floor.

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