How to Choose the Right Toilet Seat

Whether your current commode needs a new seat or your recently purchased piece didn’t include one, buying the right toilet seat requires attention to a few details.

1. Measure twice, buy once – Not all toilet seats are molded the same and come in different sizes just like toilets do. To be sure you’re getting the right size, you need to take three measurements:

  • Bolt-to-bolt: measure the distance between the centers of the bolt holes. Those are found at the back of the bowl where the seat attaches to the bowl.
  • Front-to-back: you need to know how many inches there are from the spot directly between the bolt holes to the front of the bowl.
  • Width: measure across the bowl at its widest point.

2. Shapes matter – Most toilets come either round or elongated. Unless your toilet is square, you should know the difference because it really will matter when you receive your seat and you can’t fit an elongated seat on a round bowl.

3. Color matches – White remains the most common color of toilets sold in the U.S. Still, there are some folks who feature toilets in their bathrooms in shades of pink, blue and black. The key to getting a matching seat is to know which manufacturer produced your toilet. Kohler on their website lists their colors by year so if you know, for example, that your light blue toilet was made in 1994 then you’ll be able to get a matching seat. Bemis offers new and replacement seats in almost 50 colors in order to provide matches for a variety of manufacturers.

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