How to Clean Your Shower Head

Sometimes a shower is just what you need to start the day or end one. Unfortunately, all that use can mean hard water stains and mineral deposit build-up on your shower head, so is going to show you how to quickly and easily get your shower head clean.

What you’ll need are a sturdy bowl, some distilled white vinegar, a soft scrub brush and your shower head.

Pour several inches of vinegar into the bowl to fully submerge the face of your shower head. Place the the shower head face down into the bowl of vinegar and let it sit for a while.

After a couple of minutes, remove the shower head from the vinegar and gently scrub the face of it with the brush, making sure you’re cleaning away all the mold and mildew and build-up that ends up on the shower head.

Once the shower head is re-attached, make sure you turn on the water to rinse away any residual vinegar. If your shower head has multiple settings, run through all of them to make sure all the vinegar has been rinsed away.

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