How to Light a Bathroom in 4 Easy Steps

Layered lighting in the bathroomSome of life’s most important tasks take place in the bathroom, including the morning ritual that puts a spin on the day going forward. Since so much is riding on how well the bathroom functions, homeowners need to pay special attention to lighting.

Here are four important lighting tips to follow:

1. Avoid putting a light directly above the mirror, and use sconces on either side instead. Having bright light shining down can create shadows on faces that can make it difficult to properly apply make-up, shave, practice great dental hygiene and more. Sconces light the face from either side, eliminating shadows and decreasing the margin of error for some of the more important morning tasks.

2. Add sparkle by suspending one light overhead for form rather than function. The fixture can be funky, sleek, chic or modern depending on taste, but this is the light for short trips to the bathroom. Putting it on a dimmer can be a good idea to avoid harsh glare in the middle of the night and first thing in the morning.

3. Lighting a powder room involves just one kind of light fixture; either sconces or an overhead, because the rooms are usually too small to accommodate both.

4. Choose light bulbs with between 75 – 100 watts or the 20 – 25 watt LED equivalent for task lighting and overheads in larger or master bathrooms. Powder rooms only require about 45 watts or an 8 watt LED.

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