How to Properly Size Your Chandelier


Chandeliers aren’t just for fine dining rooms. Homeowners now are using chandeliers to light up rooms of every size and for a variety of uses.

Still, chandeliers are a statement fixture, and they should be sized in proportion to Sizing a dining room chandelier.the room where they’ll live. Dining rooms can move from “meh” to “marvelous” and a foyer can turn warm and welcoming with the correctly sized chandelier.

A general rule of thumb to follow is to measure the length and width of the room and add those numbers together. Whatever the sum, this is the maximum diameter of the fixture you’ll need to know to start shopping.  

WHEN MEASURING: If the resulting measurement (room length+width, converted to inches) seems inappropriate due to the size of your table, size your chandelier three quarters the width of your table.

TIP: In most cases, the bottom of your chandelier should sit approximately 30″-32″ above the table top.

Sizing a chandelier for the foyer.TIP: When determining whether to hang a flush, semi-flush, or multi-tiered chandelier in your foyer, be advised that the bottom of the fixture should be at least 7′ from the floor.

TIP: For two-story foyers, if there is a window above the front door, center the chandelier so it can be seen from outside.

TIP: If your foyer is extra-large, you may also want to add sconces. Sconces should be installed 60″ from the floor and 6′-8′ apart.

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