How to Replace or Install a Shower Head

If there’s one thing any homeowner can do on their own, it’s replace a shower head.

Let’s go over the tools you’ll need: an adjustable wrench, a soft cloth to protect the finish on your showerhead and pipe tape.

Place the cloth over the connection nut and fit your wrench over the nut. Turn counterclockwise until the connection is loose enough to turn the rest of the way by hand.

Remove existing pipe tape from the shower arm. Make sure all the old tape is removed before you add tape to the threaded end of the arm.

Apply several layers of new pipe tape to the shower arm to ensure a leak-free connection.

Place your new shower head on the end of the shower arm and turn clockwise by hand.

Use the cloth again to protect the finish of your new shower head and use the adjustable wrench to finish tightening the connection.

To be sure the shower head has been installed properly, turn on the water and check for leaks. Be sure you run through each of the spray settings to avoid any unnecessary surprises.

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