How to Replace/Install a New Toilet Seat

Whether your existing toilet seat has cracked, yellowed or you’ve just moved into a new home and want a brand new seat, installing a new toilet seat is one of the easiest DIY projects you can tackle. Let eFaucets show you how to replace both a quick-release seat and a seat with traditional screws.

First, you’ll need a flat-head screwdriver, maybe an adjustable wrench, a new toilet seat, of course, and the parts that come with the new seat.

Toilet seats come in both round and elongated shapes. To be sure you have the right seat for your toilet, measure it from back to front and side to side before you order. Then, once your new seat arrives, measure it as well.

Your toilet seat is attached to the bowl by two bolts. For quick-release toilet seats, twist the covers a quarter turn to the left and lift the existing seat off the toilet.

Unscrew and remove the bolts from your old seat, and replace them with the bolts from your new seat.

Position your new toilet seat so the seat hinges are centered over the bolts. Snap the hinges onto the bolts and twist the covers into place. Open and close both the cover and the seat to be sure they work properly.

For screw-on toilet seats, you might need to use the flat-head screwdriver to pop open the bolt covers at the back of the bowl. Then, unscrew the bolts and remove them so you can lift the old seat off the bowl.

Put the new screws through the holes of the hinge on your new toilet seat and then position the new seat so the bolts go through the holes on the back of the bowl. Tighten them by holding the nut underneath and using your screwdriver to secure the seat to the bowl.

Snap the bolt covers closed and lift the cover and the seat to make sure they open and close smoothly.

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