Kraus Kitchen Sink, Foremost Bathroom Cabinet Top February Reviews

A Kraus stainless steel kitchen sink and a handy bathroom cabinet from Foremost top the February list of eFaucets’ top reviewed products chosen by our customers.

Shoppers say the Kraus 30-inch single basin stainless steel sink is their “dream sink” and constructed so it’s “superior quality” stands out compared to other stainless steel sinks.

Likewise for the Foremost 24-inch wall cabinet; customers appreciate the solid construction, “… and decorative details (that) make it one of my best buys.”

Without further ado, here are the top five products shoppers awarded top marks in February:

Kraus Professional 30 inch undermount 16 gauge stainless steel sinkKraus Professional 30-inch undermount stainless steel sink 16-gauge: This is the second Kraus sink we have purchased (the last one was in our previous home). The quality and durability of Kraus sinks are fantastic! When we bought our condo and decided to do some upgrading in our kitchen I knew that the Kraus sink would be my go to sink. They may be a bit more expensive then many stainless steel sinks but the extra cost if well worth it. The grate is a bonus!! and so well worth having. — KarinRiverHouse, Grand Rapids, MI

Foremost White Haven 24 inch wall cabinetForemost White Haven 24-inch wall cabinetWe bought a house with tiny bathroom medicine cabinets. These cabinets make up for that shortcoming very well. — HCS, Culpepper, VA

Kohler Cashet Round Quiet Close Quick Attach Toilet SeatKohler Cachet quiet close, quick latch toilet seatLove, love the slow close feature. Our other bathroom had one and I just had to get one for the main one. I was concerned we could not get grey as the bathroom was redone 15-20 years ago. E-Faucet had the ice grey which was a must and the slow close I was looking for! Happy happy with the results!! — Becky, the quilter, Lima, OH

Kohler Santa Rosa 1 piece toilet

Kohler Santa Rosa 1-piece toilet with AquaPiston flushing system – I purchased this toliet for my master bedroom about 6 months ago and liked it so much, I bought another one for my guest bathroom … It was a little pricey but worth the money. — KM, Austin, TX

Fiat 21 inch Serv a Sink Molded Stone Laundry SinkFiat 21-1/2 inch Serv-a-Sink molded stone laundry sink –  I like that it’s wall mounted, so it’s a very clean look. No legs to get in the way, so the space underneath can be used for other things. My laundry room was not quite wide enough for my washer, dryer and the sink, so I gained a few extra inches by mounting it on a side wall instead of on the rear wall. In other words, it’s turned 90 degrees. Works perfectly that way too! — Brother Sun, Encinitas, CA

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