Love Your New Fixture? Leave a Review & Photo of Your Project

When you were researching your new faucet, you probably looked at reviews from other customers to find out if your potential purchase was reliable, looks great, and works better than promised. Now your faucet is installed, and you have the opportunity to leave a review and help your fellow shoppers with their decision.

Leaving a review is easy; just visit the product page for the item you ordered. Click “Write a Review” in the upper right corner.


Type in a headline for your review. You could use phrases like “This faucet is awesome,” “Customer service rep helped pick out perfect faucet,” or “I always shop eFaucets.”


Now choose how many stars out of five you feel is an honest assessment of your purchase, and which good things apply to your new fixture. If you feel like typing in your own in the box provided, make sure you click “Add” after each entry.


Follow the same steps for things you might not like about your new faucet and best uses for it.


Are you a seasoned DIYer or just getting started? Let us know your skill level and whether or not you’d recommend this faucet to someone else.


Did you also purchase accessories with your new fixture? Other shoppers would appreciate knowing if you coordinated a collection or mixed and match to create a unique look.


The next steps include comments about your new fixture you’d like to include about points not covered in any of the previous steps, including whether or not you’d recommend this item to others.


And, finally, we’d love to see a photo of your new fixture after it’s installed.


Having real-world pictures is extremely helpful to customers like yourself, and we appreciate seeing your project come together, too.

Moen Voss 6901 Polished Chrome Lavatory Faucet

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